Nintendo had a rough start with the Wii U when it launched last year and moved a massive 3 million SKUs in a few months' time. However, things wavered and slowed and then came crawling to a near screeching halt. Sales were literally abysmal for the Wii U due to a lack of good software. Well, that's all changed... sort of. rolled out the August numbers from the NPD Group and listed the top 10 games that moved big numbers throughout the month. While the usual suspects were in the top spots, there was one lone warrior who stood tall and above the others in an unlikely spot... Pikmin 3, the Wii U exclusive.

Previously, Nintendo was too ashamed to even list the numbers for the Wii U, mostly falling back to citations on the DS and 3DS, while often passing mentions of the Wii U in late but welcomed investor notes.

According to the NPD Group, however, Pikmin 3 managed to grab the number 10 spot on the NPD's Top 10 for August. It was just behind Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for the PS3 and PC, as well as the retail renditions of Payday 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In total, the U.S., retail bracket managed $521 million for the month of August, barely up 1% over the previous year. Software sales were up 21% percent, resting at $305 million while accessory sales nestled in at $136 million; up 7% only because of Disney Infinity's accompanying toy line.

Hardware sales were down across the board by more than 40% in year-over-year comparisons. Why? Because no one wants old, decrepit, geriatric geezers huffing and puffing out games with sub-HD graphics at a paltry 23.7 frames per second. The current-gen consoles run games like an old guy trying to hump his old lady: slow, pathetic and painful to watch.

Due to all the old, craggily hardware still filling up store shelves like moths in a rickety old attic, the total hardware intake dipped to an all time low of only $90.8 million. No one wanted the current-gen trash consoles.

On the up-and-up, the recent price cut for the Wii U hasn't completely gone into effect so we won't see how it stacks up on the charts until next month. With Pikmin 3 breaking onto the top 10 and Nintendo starting to finally roll out some decent exclusives for the fall, we could potentially see the Wii U finally rise from the ashes and unleash the butt-kickery that it's destined to unleash.

Things may not go over so well or so easily for Nintendo with Microsoft and Sony unleashing their next-generation consoles this fall. That's not to mention that the industry is expected to boom big, financially, once the next-gen devices finally land on retail shelves this November. Let's just hope that the Big 'N' can stay competitive and keep their lead and market share heading into the full blown console war.

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