Nintendo wanted to show off their latest functionality for the Wii U...the ability to play games online and socially interact without even leaving the game. How is this possible? With the Wii U GamePad's meta-social channel where you can easily chat and interact online via the Wii U's Miiverse Nintendo Network.

If you're not sure how this whole thing works, just check the lengthy commercial promotion below.

Very, um...well, yeah.

Anyways, the cool part is that you can chat up your friends instantly using the tablet, as well as browse for help using general video chat. I think that part is kind of neat.

The double-down of a video recorder and controller in one fell swoop also makes it a lot more convenient than say, having a Kinect? Then again, what we're seeing isn't anything particularly new, save for being able to jump in and out of the game to ask for help and chat with friends using the convenience of the new Nintendo Network.

The only thing they didn't explain is if connecting for help about a specific game will result in entering a generally chat forum or a forum that only has your friends. It was a little sketchy but I'm sure we'll get more details during the actual E3 conference.

We'll be able to see this kind of functionality in action come Tuesday for Nintendo's software E3 line-up. That should be fairly exciting. Can't wait to see what they have in store.

What are your thoughts about it? A cool feature or a bit of a hassle that takes away from the game?

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