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Nintendo Enthusiast's Jason Lepine will be spotlighting more than 120 upcoming games coming to the Wii U this year and next year. In the first of the multi-part video series, Lepine goes over all the noteworthy side-scrolling adventure games coming to Nintendo's new generation home console.

Nintendo Enthusiast will be chronicling the upcoming titles due for release on the Wii U, detailing all the different genres and games coming to Nintendo's little Wii U that could.

The thing that really surprises me about the list is the fact that there are some pretty slick gems planned to drop for the Wii U. Wayforward's Shantae Half Genie Hero looks like a prime-time throwback to the Aladdin era of high-end side-scrollers, and makes its way to the Wii U following its release on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has a smooth-as-butter art-style and a snazzy cache of interesting character designs.

I think Wooden Sen'Sey is another highlight well worth keeping an eye on, especially when it arrives this spring on Nintendo's Wii U. The art-style – like many other games on the Wii U – really pops and shines quite nicely. It sure beats the the diarrhea-dipped palettes found in many other modern military shooters or like-minded “gritty” action titles that fill up the libraries of the former geriatric twins, as well as the new school consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Another game that completely took me by surprise (and a game I didn't even know existed) is Blood of the Werewolf by up-and-coming studio Scientifically Proven. The game throws so many different obstacles and challenges against players all at once that it just looks completely overwhelming. Seems a little like my kind of game.

Yet again, it's another one of those games where the art-style manages to stand out without becoming a deluge of Quake-inspired textures and a lighting system that looks as if it were approved by the sewage department.

While a lot of people may complain that many of these games don't look “next-gen”, keep in mind that these are all eShop titles coming to the Wii U throughout this year and next year. Some of these games are big-end indie games while others are on much smaller budgets.

I'm interested to see what the sports and simulation category will look like for the Wii U, as I would love to see something like Distance on the Wii U, or at least something similar to F-Zero. Maybe we'll also get a really good, first-look at Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS, which is shaping up to be one of the only few (and true) next-generation games to take full advantage of the eighth generation home consoles.

We'll keep you posted on when some of these games land on Nintendo's eShop, as well as when you can expect to see them released on Nintendo's digital distribution platform.

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