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Cinemaware, a company whose logo reads that 'Heroes Live Forever' has evolved out of the old-age of Amiga gaming and stepped into the current-gen with a remake of their classic title, Wings. The company has taken to Kickstarter with a pretty model, a lengthy video and a moderate goal of $350,000.

Sasha Jackson hosts the near 10 minute Kickstarter featurette that breaks down the history of Wings, what made the game cool back in the day and why it deserves to be resurrected for today's generation of gaming. Considering that the video is nearly 10 minutes, I'm going to stop chatterboxing and just let you get to the viewing parts.

Meh, I don't know. It's hard to get excited when there's nothing to really go by. I mean, there's no real concept art or alpha footage or anything, really. I'll also be the first to say that I didn't play Wings, I was much more engaged in Corncob 3D Deluxe, Sopwith and Sierra Interactive's original Red Baron. And sadly, Red Baron just seemed to take a dump all over Wings. Still, the concept wasn't bad for what it was back in the day. It's hard to imagine what kind of game it's supposed to become for today's generation, though.

I think the major problem with the Kickstarter video is that it's just hard to tell from the video alone what Cinemaware has in store other than re-releasing the old game in HD. I hate to break it to them but this could actually be modded in GTA: San Andreas with a few texture packs, an alternate map and slight modifications to the planes in the game.

Nevertheless, if Wings was a game you grew up playing and you want to see the HD revival I'm not going to knock the title for its nostalgia effect. It's just hard for me to personally see the benefit of this game's revival with so many other titles out there that seemed to better fulfill the role, sort of like Games Campus' Heroes in the Sky, which sports lots of RPG mechanics, plane customization, PVP and solo missions.

You can learn more about the Wings: Director's Cut Kickstarter by paying a visit to the game's Official Webpage.

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