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Machine Games wants to make Wolfenstein: The New Order a challenge for gamers of every skill level. They say that the highest difficulty level, I Am Death Incarnate, will give even the most elite gamers a headache.

"You will cry blood," Machine Games senior gameplay designer Andreas Ojerfors told Gamespot. "We want it to be a real, real challenge for people. This is not an easy game."

Like the original Wolfenstein 3D, New Order several difficulty levels. Each of the five has a colorful name. They range from Daddy Can I Play? to I Am Death Incarnate. If memory serves, those are the same phrases they used for Wolfenstein 3D's difficulties as well. Ojerfors said that even the normal setting (Bring 'em on!, if we're using Wolfenstein 3D lingo) will be a challenge.

"It's difficult, but it's always fair," Ojerfors said. "You're never really cheated. It's always your fault if you die."

I'm looking forward to a challenge. Shooters feel like they've gotten a bit easy over the years. Maybe it's the regenerating health, the co-op or the proliferation of features like bullet time. It just feels like you can sleep-walk your way through most single-player campaigns out there. When a shooter does offer a challenge, it usually feels cheap - an overabundance of rocket launchers, overly accurate enemies and so forth. Considering the fact that New Order is single-player-only, there's a lot of pressure on Machine Games to deliver a really satisfying campaign.

Wolfenstein: The New Order imagines a world in which the Nazis won World War 2. The year is now 1960 and they've established domination over the entire world. American secret agent B.J. Blazkowicz has been stuck in an asylum for years. However, at the start of the game he breaks out and begins a counter-offensive against the Germans. He'll strike at Nazi strongholds throughout Europe and use their superweapons against them.

New Order is due in December. Machine Games is developing the game for a wide range of platforms. You'll be able to get it on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC.

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