I'll be honest, I never really liked The Wonderful 101 before now. In fact, it was a game that just seemed 100% “Okay”. The main problem was that I had no idea what the game was really about nor could I make out the action properly... until today. The newest trailer for The Wonderful 101 brings out the game's very compelling and fleshed out story, as well as giving the game a much more focused depiction of the action... and it's totally awesome.

Hideki Kamiya recently took control of the latest Nintendo Direct this past week, filling in for Nintendo's head honcho Satoru Iwata. Kamiya really trolled it up, imitating the president with his delayed responses and stiff posture. It was pretty funny to say the least and entertaining to boot. Heck, you should check it out over on Nintendo's direct archieve when you get a chance.

Anyway, the seven minute long trailer for the Wii U's The Wonderful 101 is perfect... absolutely perfect. The trailer gives gamers a basic outlook on the story, the bad guys and the 100 heroes (though the trailer focuses mainly on the seven lead heroes).

While one might expect this to be a Japanese version of the Avengers, you wouldn't be far off, save for the fact that there's a ton more conflict involved. Not all the heroes get along, not everyone is down for Wonder Red being the leader and as the trailer progresses and the stakes get higher, we begin to see a breakdown in the Wonderful 100 regime. It's brilliant. In fact, I was completely blown away by how mature and distinct the story is, despite having colorful graphics and chibi designs.

However, things didn't start or stop with just the story – the trailer introduces us to a very diverse group of heroes, each with their own distinct abilities and personalities. Here is where the game really shines: there's a hero in there for everyone.

Kamiya also points out that the gameplay variety is as diverse as the heroes themselves, offering players different ways to approach various situations and bosses and utilizing each of the heroes in different ways. Again... it's brilliant.

I originally thought The Wonderful 101 was just another Pikmin clone, but I can now see that it's so much more than that and Platinum Games has done a superb job of redirecting the focus away from the game just being another Wii U title and turning it into a must-have, killer app for the console.

I also find it funny that people complain about Nintendo's “rehash” syndrome when in fact, many of their upcoming exclusives are some of the most original games ever made... ever. You would be hard pressed to find another game like The Wonderful 101 considering that there are no other games like it, and the combination of original gameplay in conjunction with the cool features of the GamePad could make this a sleeper hit and potential system seller if Nintendo markets it correctly.

I still believe that the Wii U could be the real gamer's game console this upcoming generation if Nintendo keeps pumping out games like The Wonderful 101 or Monolith Soft's X.

Platinum Games' The Wonderful 101 is set for release later this month in Europe and in mid September in North America. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the Official Website.

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