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Sega released new screenshots of Wreck-It Ralph making his debut appearance in the upcoming multiplayer kart-racing game, Sonic & All-Sars Racing Transformed. The shots are simple and sweet and gives gamers a brief glimpse at Ralph in action.

The new movie from Disney features a bad guy who doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore and decides to go on a life altering adventure to potentially change his ways and turn into a good guy. It's like a metaphor for everyone stuck at that dead-end job as an armpit-cleaning product inspector and you just feel like maybe you have the intestinal fortitude to graduate into mouth-cleaning product inspection instead. Besides, it really takes on toll on your nose having to smell pits all day. Well, that's how it is for Ralph, except he doesn't have to deal with other people's armpits.

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Ralph is just another racer trying to pave his way to victory in his red and yellow transformation vehicle. Racers will take to the land, the air and sea, battling for first place either in single or multiplayer modes.

You can check out the new screenshots for the game below or look for the game to launch this November for home consoles and PC.