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Firaxis Games has big plans for extraterrestrial strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Following solid reviews and "strong digital sales," Firaxis parent Take-Two Interactive says that the developer will spend next year creating DLC.

"XCOM: Enemy Unknown is being supported with two downloadable add-on content packages available this year, with additional content planned for 2013," said Take-Two in their earnings report today.

The game has received one piece of small DLC so far. The Elite Soldier Pack was given to pre-order customers for no additional charge when the game was released. It's available to everyone else for $4.99 now. The Elite Soldier bundle provides customization options and a retro squadmate.

The first two post-launch DLC packs were announced last week. The first, called Slingshot, introduces a series of missions that take place in China. It also adds a new recruitable agent with a distinct storyline. The second DLC hasn't been detailed but will add to the game's single-player experience as well.

In Enemy Unknown, players manage a covert agency tasked with stopping aliens from attacking Earth. They must deploy agents throughout the world to stop these incursions, and then direct them in battle. Using technology recovered from the aliens, they can develop new devices to use against these invaders.

The DLC for 2013 might include additional story-based missions. It's also possible that it will add new maps or modes for the head-to-head multiplayer. The game's scope is so broad that Firaxis has plenty of options for introducing new content.