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Xbox 360 owners may be surprised to hear that their sworn enemy, the PS3 fanboy, is not allowed to access the content on their hard drive during a gaming session. Like the propaganda of the Cold War there is mystery to the enemy side, and that frightens and confuses us. The world of Cell processing is too much for a mere 360 owner to fathom, and my god the XMB capabilities of the PS3 must be astounding. Except for the fact that they’re non-existent. The only thing more ridiculous than the PS3 having no XMB feature is comparing the console wars to the Cold War.

Some nice fellows over at The Game Reviews were able to afford a plane ticket to Vegas and talk with Sony at CES. While Paul Purdy was hesitant to talk much about the PS3 and gaming, he did confirm that cross media bar goodness is on the way for PS3.

After the lackluster 2.0 firmware update this past fall, this news is most welcome. Now you’ll be able to access your music during an Arcade playthrough of COD4. There’s nothing like using your very own thrash metal soundtrack whilst popping the skulls of terrorists.

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