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It's may be hard to believe (or just make you feel really, really old) but Xbox Live celebrates its 10th birthday today. To celebrate, Microsoft is offering Wreckateer free of charge, as well as half off on several other big games.

You know how it feels like just yesterday that Xbox Live first came onto the scene, introducing console gamers to their first truly digital gaming/shopping experience? Well, that actually happened back in 2002. If Xbox Live was your child, he would be attending fourth grade this year. My how the time flies!

Anyway, Major Nelson is celebrating the event over on his blog, announcing quite a few deals and contests being offered in memory of 10 years of Live. You can read up on all of the festivities at Xbox.com, but the basic gist of it is as follows: Free game, discounted games, raffles.

First up is the Kinect-infused castle busting game, Wreckateer, which can be downloaded on XBLA from Nov. 15-16 free of charge. Then there are the sales. Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Geometry Wars, Bastion, Peggle and Full House Pokes have all had their price tags cut in half, so now might be a good time to stock up on games you missed out on the first time around. The discounted prices are good through Nov. 22.

Finally, there are the raffle, which will require that you actually click on the above link to sign up for. Anyone who downloads a special Xbox Live 10th anniversary gamer pic by Nov. 22 will be entered for a chance to win a custom Xbox 360 console designed around the birthday celebration. Anyone who is an Xbox Live Rewards member and downloads the picture will be given two entries into the drawing.

So, yeah. Happy birthday, Xbox Live! You're 10 now, so maybe it's about time you got a job?