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Boyd Multerer, former director of development at Xbox and the man responsible for the very profitable XNA programming language, has left Microsoft. He's done. He's finished. He's packed up his bags and left the train station. Good bye, Boyd.

IGN captured a couple of tweets from Multerer who revealed that his time with Microsoft was done; he was departing from the Xbox brand and moving onward to... I don't know.

Anyway, over on Twitter, Multerer stated...
“Goodbye Microsoft. It was a good run. Xbox was Great! Time to do something new.” … “Nothing is perfect, but Xbox Leadership is fine. On the other hand, I’m complicated. I think that is good?”

Multerer originally joined Microsoft back in 1997 and eventually moved up the ranks to help develop Xbox Live. It should go without saying that Xbox Live was one of the biggest innovations and progressive fatures in home console entertainment, opening the door for multiplayer focused gameplay via online functionality. Xbox Live boasts more than 46 million users, as noted in a detailed editorial boy Multerer over on the official Microsoft website.

Even though Steam and PSN have caught up to Xbox Live in terms of functionality and active users, the service was still a milestone achievement for Microsoft in branching out the appeal of the Xbox brand.

Multerer also happened to spearhead the XNA program, which helped radically change the landscape of game design as we know it. Microsoft's foray into XNA was actually the very act that helped bring indies to the Xbox platforms. While there were some indie titles available on the OG Xbox via Xbox Live Arcade, things really kicked into high gear when Microsoft opened up the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

Gamers and aspiring game designers could use the XNA tool suite to design their own games and sell them using an XNA license via the Xbox 360's indie games channel. There have been a number of titles that have come out of the XNA initiative that have gone on to capture major success and recognition, such as Castle Miner Z or Bleed.

Boyd Multerer, however, eventually moved on to work on the Xbox One – a console that was steeped in controversy throughout its announcement year – and found himself embattled against consumers over the controversial DRM decisions that rested at the core of the device.

At least, unlike Don Mattrick, Multerer is leaving while the Xbox One is on an uptick. The company is coming off one of their most critically successful months and have garnered some forward momentum following the November NPD results. I suppose now would probably be the best time to leave, since most of the negative press surrounding the Xbox brand has subsided and people are starting to get somewhat nestled into its position in the market. At least Multerer can tell a prospective employer that he was part of the team that helped lead the Xbox One to success. Also, if the console never fully recovers and ends up like the GameCube at least getting out now will look like Multerer's coming off the system's peak market performance.

Multerer didn't say where he was heading next but he did state the following on Twitter...
“Not yet ready to say what that new thing is… But OMG is writing code very day and exploring ideas fun!” … “Lots of kind words coming in today. I’m proud to have affected so many and hope to continue doing so!“

And with that, Boyd Multerer is off to explore other ventures in the world of electronic entertainment.

(Main image courtesy of Microsoft)

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