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The next-generation console war is still a few months off but both Microsoft and Sony are head-over-heels in the marketing department to jockey for a position of ascertained leverage. One of the tactics Microsoft has been employing is making Xbox Live look evermore enticing to outsiders, and they've taken it one step further with their Summer of Arcade promotion.

Just recently, the mini 'M' kicked off their XBLA campaign with the launch of the indie-exclusive, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The fantasy-oriented adventure game has been garnering some of the best review scores and critical praise of any game released this year, save of course for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, which came out just two months ago.

Anyway, Microsoft wanted us to let you know that they were letting us know that you should know about their weekly Polaris event, which features some big-name YouTube stars playing some of these games and exposing them to the world. The Polaris event takes place each Wednesday throughout August and is part of the Summer of Arcade fever. Doing our part as the low-down, dirty, scumbag advertorialists that we are, you can check out some of the event videos on the official YouTube Polaris channel. The events also feature YouTube personalities JesseCox, Raychul Moore and GameGrumps. Lots of bananas and no cookies.

Following the acclaimed release of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Microsoft will be showing some more love to the indie community with the release of Charlie Murder on August 14th, followed by the remake of Flashback on August 21st (a game I'm very excited about, and glad it's seeing the light of day for today's generation of gamers with new-school tech and effects) and the summer of arcade wraps up with the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows on August 28th. A perfect line-up of hard-hitting sub-console games for gamers looking for some fun times via XBLA.

Now on to the good bits and the only reason anyone clicked on this link in the first place: we'll be giving away free Xbox Live Gold subscriptions that are good for a month's worth of premium Live service, all at the cost of nothing. That's right, free XBL Gold for some lucky Xbox 360 owners.

So here's how this works, head on over to Gaming Blend's Facebook page and message us on what your favorite multiplayer Xbox Live game is and you're already eligible to receive a free month of Xbox Live Gold. It's that simple.

In the meantime, feel free to learn more about the summer of arcade by visiting the official Xbox Live SOA website.

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