Microsoft has wrapped up one discount promotion for the Xbox One and started a new discount promotion for the console. For March they had a $50 price cut on the Xbox One, knocking it down to $300. Well now that it's back up to $350, they have a new $50 gift card promotion running at select retailers.

Gamespot is reporting that the new promotion is currently underway across various retailers in the United States, including GameStop, Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Essentially, buying an Xbox One at $350 will net you a $50 in-store gift card, so you can likely buy another game or controller.

They don't say exactly how long this particular promotion will last but it comes in three different flavors. There's a white Xbox One 500GB unit that comes with Alan Wake and Quantum Break, you can still find this unit for as cheap as $300 at some outlets, or you can order it directly from the Xbox store for $350 and get the $50 gift card. The second promotional unit is a 1TB Xbox One that comes with a copy of The Division, this particular unit is $400 with the $50 gift card. The last of the three promotional units is a 500GB unit with a “Name Your Game” selection for $350 and the $50 gift card. The games included in the “Name Your Game” promo includes Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or Rare Replay.

Out of them all I think that the Quantum Break bundle is still probably one of the better deals, given that if you can still find one of the promo units for $300, you're getting a white Xbox One and two free games. That's a pretty sick deal.

Microsoft originally ran the $300 promotion throughout March in hopes of curbing some of the momentum that Sony has with the PlayStation 4, which you can pick up for around $330 at most places. The slight price edge over the PS4 seemed like something that could give the Xbox One an edge in moving SKUs, but alas, that was not meant to be. As reported by Venture Beat, Sony took March even despite the standard PS4 SKU being more expensive than the Xbox One.

Now that both consoles are around the same price again (depending on where you shop), it's likely that Sony will push forward with a sizable lead once again in the April stats. For sure they're likely to take May given that Uncharted 4 will be dropping and that's one of the biggest AAA releases of the year.

Phil Spencer, Xbox's head honcho, has been trying a number of different tactics to revitalize the Xbox's position as one of the top go-to brands of the generation. They had some help in the form of Nintendo just completely giving up on the Wii U with hardly any marketing or any attempt to fervently push units the way they could have when they had big titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros out on the market. Opposite of Nintendo, Microsoft has been working really hard at rebranding the Xbox One as a game console, and many expect for Microsoft to double down on this with a slim unit focused more on gaming at this year's E3.

You can learn more about the current $50 gift card promotion by visiting the official Xbox website.
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