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Microsoft has been talking about certain features for the March update of the Xbox One's operating system ahead of the update itself, but we now have a full, detailed layout of what they have in store. Many highly awaited features will be included in the March roll out.

Over on Major Nelson's blog there's a video preview of the update you can view below.

So one of the really big features that had people talking about the update well before the update preview went live, was the ability to snap in-game screenshots of Xbox One games, while you play. This feature would also enable gamers to share those screenshots with ease.

The upload app is also seeing a slight overhaul as the ability to upload screenshots has been added as well as the option to take the screenshots you just snapped and turn them into a background. Pretty cool, eh?

The March update will also include a new “Suggested Friends” feature, so that Xbox Live will suggest friends for you to follow based on your gameplay trends, gaming habits and content consumption methodology.

For some reason there's also a “Share Your Name” featured tossed in. This is for people who want their friends or for everyone on Xbox Live to know what their real name is. I have no idea how this is a good feature and how it won't result in tons of trolling of people outside of Xbox Live and into other aspects of their online persona. I suppose for popular personalities that already have a presence online using their real name it's not a bad thing, but really does seem like an opportunity to open oneself up for more trolling.

There's also a new feature for changing the tile transparency for Xbox One backgrounds; and new options for privacy protection have also been implemented. This was always a highly contested topic in the community – the topic of privacy protection – given the way Kinect operates and previous issues of dealing with privacy invasion and sensitive data access.

Reporting spam is now something Xbox One owners can do with relative ease from the message app. This should cut down on unwanted spammers advertising.

And finally, the OneGuide will be available for Australian Xbox One owners. If you have an Xbox digital TV tuner, the OneGuide will be available in the preview build for Australian gamers to experiment with the new feature ahead of the official March update.

The preview build is available to select Xbox One owners and unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit to find out what free games will be available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers for March.

It looks like Microsoft has made some serious turnarounds when it comes to the Xbox One, and while they can't really compete on the hardware level with PCs or the PS4 in the same degree, hopefully Microsoft will further use the opportunity of gaining back the good graces of the game community by also securing some worthwhile software titles for the system. A decent running OS on a game console is only as good as the games available for it.

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