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Gamers seem to be split concerning their opinion of the Xbox One reveal that took place this past Tuesday. A UK money saving website, VoucherCodesPro, decided to get a better feel for the overall consensus, however, asking 1,112 gamers their opinion about the upcoming next gen console. In short: About half were “excited” while half were “underwhelmed.”

For the pole, VoucherCodesPro asked more than 1,000 gamers for their opinion on Microsoft’s latest offering in a study that began with the question, “What words from the list do you think would best describe your initial impression of Xbox One following its unveiling?”

Participants were given a list of options with the top five results reported. In total, 59 percent said they were excited, 52 percent said they were underwhelmed, 44 percent said they were enthusiastic, 39 percent said they were indifferent and 27 percent said they were disappointed.

For those providing negative responses concerning the Xbox One, they were also asked why they felt that way. A total of 47 percent said they felt that a “games console should stick to gaming,” while 39 percent said they “didn’t care about its television capabilities.” When it comes to Skype, 29 percent said they had no interest in the features while 22 percent said they weren’t too fond of the look of the console.

Those providing positive responses were also asked to elaborate with 37 percent saying they were simply “excited to experience a new console.” Another 31 percent said they like the cloud functionality of the console with another 19 percent saying they would have been excited “regardless of the features.”

In the end, participants were asked which upcoming console release they were most excited about with the PlayStation 4 nabbing 61 percent of the votes.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, dear readers, and, most importantly, remember that a new generation of consoles is on the horizon, which means more games for us to play. No matter what a poll says, that’s something I think we can all get excited for.

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