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Microsoft has announced that they'll be rolling out two system updates to the Xbox One in February and March. These updates will provide many changes based on user suggestions.

"The team has been really excited to see the gameplay on Xbox One and the millions of hours of fun our fans have experienced since launch," said chief product officer Marc Whitten on Xbox Wire. "We’ve also been busy listening to your feedback and working hard to incorporate it into Xbox One as soon as possible. We remain incredibly energized and we are aggressively working to make Xbox One better, faster than ever before."

The February 11th update will add several features to the UI. XB1 owners will be better able to track and manage their storage space. The download queues for apps and games have been split so they can be organized separately. A boot progress indicator, meanwhile, will show how far along updates are. Battery power for controllers will be shown on the home screen.

The patch also implements USB keyboard support. A modder already unlocked this in December so if you really wanted this feature, you already have it. Now it'll be a lot easier to use a keyboard, though. I hope that Microsoft plans to add mouse support in time as well.

Whitten says that there are several "behind-the-scenes" changes in the patch to help developers. They're also promising to improve Kinect voice commands and make the console more stable overall. They'll reveal a full list of the changes in the February 11th update soon.

The March 4th update details are vaguer at this time. Whitten made it clear that the update is designed with Titanfall's launch on March 11th in mind, though. It makes sense; Microsoft thinks Titanfall is a huge exclusive for their new console and could bring a lot of new players to their team. They have to do anything they can to make sure that the game launches smoothly.

Players can expect a new multiplayer and party system when the March system update goes live. Again, though, the exact information on this patch will be revealed later.

"This post is the first of many announcements and sneak peeks at features in the system updates," Whitten said. "We’ve been carefully listening to your feedback and look forward to delivering many new features that will make Xbox One even better. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to share more information in the coming weeks."

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