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Microsoft has a special deal they have planned for Xbox Live where more than 70 games across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be available at discounted rates between 40% and 50% off. The games span everything from party games and platformers to puzzle titles and action shooters.

Microsoft has a quick 30 second promotional clip available of the deal, which you can check out below.

Some of the games available includes many big AAA titles like Titanfall, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. It's kind of shocking to see a game like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection in the list given that the game recently came out this spring for the Xbox One and PS4... it brings four-player split-screen co-op action to the eighth-gen consoles along with all the previously released DLC and content from the Borderlands shooters on PC and seventh-gen consoles.

I'm also kind of shocked to see Ori and the Blind Forest on the list as well. It's another recent release that was quite popular and it's already being added to the list to be discounted during the Xbox sale that will go from July 7th through July 13th, as a sort post-holiday sale.

Heck, even NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X has made the cut. I'm doubly shocked to see such a recent AAA title like that end up on the list, but I'm sure fans who have been waiting to get their hands on the game will love to do so if it's marked down by nearly half off.

Other games on the list includes Fary Cry 4 for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Injustice: Gods Among Us, an oldie but a goodie, will also be discounted during the sale, along with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Assassin's Creed III and even Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator.

And yes, there are Xbox Live Arcade and indie games that will also get hit with the discount axe.

Games like Slender: The Arrival will also available at discounted prices, along with classics like Valve's The Orange Box, which is another oldie but a goodie.

Funnily enough, a lot of the comments on the YouTube page note how they'll be stocking up on Xbox 360 games so they can play them on the Xbox One when backwards compatibility goes into effect. Those scrubs are slow to the party, I already stocked up once Spencer dropped the bomb during Microsoft's E3 press conference. Opened up a browser tab to Amazon and went shopping for some 360 classics.

Anyway, if you want an even bigger discount on some games, there's a 10% extra discount bonus for those of you signed up with Xbox Live. So instead of getting 50% off a game you'll be able to get 60% off. You can look for the deal to commence on July 7th through July 13th next week. You can learn more by visiting the official Xbox website.

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