The jam-packed holiday season continues this week with a handful of titles new and old arriving on the PlayStation Network while the Vita receives an 800-pound gorilla in the RPG department in the form of Ys: Memories of Celceta.

Each week, the PlayStation Blog features a post highlighting the upcoming content for Sony platforms and this week’s Drop is one that should have gamers on the go more than a little excited.

The Ys series is beloved by many-a JRPG fan, featuring memorable characters, sweeping landscapes, great music, plenty of monsters to kill and clever boss fights. Ys’s first trip to the Vita is actually in the form of a remake of the second game in the series, though it’s quite a bit more complicated than a simple graphical overhaul. Instead, this is more of a reimagining of sorts, utilizing the story and characters of the original game and building it from the ground up for the new platform.

The game world for
Memoris of Celceta is now 3D and the battle system is straight-up action oriented, allowing players to switch between their various characters on the fly in order to best dispatch their foes. As an added bonus, the overwold is reportedly bigger than all other maps in the series combined, so we’re talking about a pretty hefty JRPG experience just waiting to be explored.

Celebrating 25 years of the Ys series, Vita fans might want to add this one to their Christmas list. Or, for the more impatient adventurers in the crowd, you could always just pick it up immediately once the PSN update goes live Tuesday afternoon or track it down in a brick and mortar store.

But while Ys should keep Vita fans busy this week, a couple of old school classics will join a batch of new school offerings for the PS3 this week in the form of a launch roster that covers a wide variety of genres.

For starters, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and Oddworld: Abe Boxx are both arriving as PlayStation One Classics, giving gamers a chance to tackle some quality favorites from years gone by. Until now, the only way to get VR Missions was as part of the Metal Gear Solid ultimate collection that came out a couple of months ago. And for those who have not yet purchased either of the original Oddworld games from the Classics section, now you can get them both bundled together in one tidy little package known as the Abe Boxx.

Niche RPG fans can get their hands on the digital version of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory this week, as well as Painkiller Hell & Damnation.

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldier brings the classic anime to life in a modern day fighter, while PS4 launch title Super Motherload finally makes its debut on the PlayStation 3.

Look for all of that, along with the usual dose of videos, demos, DLC and more, to arrive on PSN once the regular weekly update goes live Tuesday afternoon.

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