EXOR Studios’ post-apocalyptic, car-driven carnival of carnage, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition, has finally gone live on the Xbox One, available for $14.99 through the [email protected] program and offering several meaty enhancements for gamers on Microsoft’s latest home console to enjoy.

For those confused by all of this [email protected] jibba-jabba, that’s the publisher’s indie branch that’s geared at helping smaller development teams bring their projects to the Xbox One. But don’t got thinking that “indie” somehow means “smaller,” because this latest edition of Zombie Driver offer loads of content, running in native 1080p at a smooth 60 FPS. That’s especially good news, seeing as how Zombie Driver is all about moving fast and destroying as many walking dead as humanly possible with your tricked-out death machine on four wheels.

According to the developers at EXOR Studios, this Xbox One version of Zombie Driver is the “most polished and feature rich version” of the game, including double the number of zombies roaming the streets and more weapons available on the fly than ever before.

“We’ve overhauled scene lighting, added soft ambient occlusion shadows and added a few extra touches like depth fog, environmental reflections, new animated objects, increased texture resolution, improved particle animation or physically simulated particles,” reads the official launch announcement. I’m sure all of those adjustments have visual junkies’ hearts going pitter-patter.

For those who enjoy the “little touches,” you’ll also notice bloody skidmarks have been added for when you drive through a puddle of plod or hoard of zombies, as well as a “retro camera” setting that will shift the view from a 2.5D perspective to an entirely top-down look at the cityscapes. No matter which way you look at the game, though, the core gameplay remains the same: The world has been overrun with zombies, you’re one of the best wheelmen on the planet, and everyone from struggling survivors to the military are in need of your assistance in pushing back the opposition or simply making it through to another day. Your mission objectives will vary, but you’ll always be more or less driving as fast as humanly possible wile utilizing various devious devices to take out massive amounts of the undead.

You’ll also get to show off your best moments from within the game.

“The game will automatically record clips of some of the most epic gameplay events…” reads the announcement. “We are also planning to regularly add Challenges and new Achievements to boost your Game Score after the initial release.”

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition features all of the DLC from previous versions of the game, as well as new car skins never released before. You can expect 31 story missions, 36 Blood Race events, nine Slaughter arenas and 15 vehicles to master, all for 20 bucks on the Xbox One starting today.

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