This week's list of new offerings on the PlayStation Network include something for just about everyone, ranging from zombies and aliens to wrestlers and over-the-top martial artists. So long as you weren't hoping for sparkle ponies, there should be something here to grab your interest.

A couple of full retail games kick off the weekly PSN update, beginning with Dead Island Riptide. Sequel to the hit zombie shooter from 2011, Riptide returns player to the familiar setting of the original game's zombified island, but with new locations to explore, new types of undead to dismember and a whole new cast of characters to lead to safety.

Also arriving day and date with its in-store counterpart is Star Trek: The Game. Set between the two J.J. Abrams films, the game's storyline sees Captain Kirk and Spock thrust into a whole new world of trouble in a co-op third-person shooter experience that will have them taking on a reimagined version of the legendary Gorn race.

Several digital-only titles will also be released this tuesday on PSN, including the indie platformer, Thomas Was Alone and the arcade shooter, God Mode. You'll also be able to go hands-on with the latest Vita touch-a-thon, Draw Slasher, as well as take on 1940's fighter pilots in Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII.

If you're more of a pugilist at heart and you happen to have a PS Vita lying around, however, then you'll likely want to dive into Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: Plus R. Along with having one of the most ridiculous names in video game history, this latest addition to the storied fighting franchise from the makers of the BlazBlue series features 25 combatants, multiple play modes and refined mechanics.

Finally, for those of you who want to relive your glory days in the ring, the PlayStation 2 Classic, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns will be included in this week's PSN update.

For more information on these titles, be sure to check out the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, look for them to become available once the latest PSN update goes live tomorrow.

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