Have you ever wondered how one game might compare to a similar yet different game in a screenshot comparison? I’m sure you have. Now, have you ever wondered how two or more games might compare to another game in a screenshot comparison? Well, of course you have. That’s why it was decided that for the first time here at Blend Games, we’re doing a three-way versus match between three sci-fi shooters.

The Combatants

Section 8 happened to be a Halo meets Crysis shooter, it didn’t break any grounds in the review department but it looked pretty good, nonetheless. This first-person shooter turned heads with some of its crystal-clear screenshots and unique art-style.

Gears of War is like a video game version of a Michael Bay film; tons of explosions, lots of guts and no regrets. If Cliffy B directed films he would be Michael Bay and if Michael Bay designed video games he would have made Gears of War. Nevertheless, Gears of War is a benchmark in console visuals and makes a perfect opponent in this week’s versus match-up.

Now a lot of gamers would love to play a game like Gears of War for free. Many more would love to have an RPG or MMO concept applied to the Gears of War gameplay model. However, what if I told you a game like that already exists and you just didn’t know it did? Well, Reality Gap has a free-to-play, third-person MMOTPS/FPS/RTS (yeah, it’s all that combined into one game) called BattleSwarm that mirrors Gears of War, Section 8 and the movie Starship Troopers.

The Screenshots

Section 8


Gears of War

Section 8

Section 8


Need more info on any of the games in this list? Feel free to visit the Official Gears of War Website, the Official Section 8 Website or the Official BattleSwarm Website.

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