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inFamous: Second Son won't be out this fall but Sucker Punch already had some gameplay footage to share this week. The five minutes of footage show Delsin Rowe running amuck on the streets of Seattle.

Rowe has abilities similar to Cole McGrath, the star of the first two inFamous games. He can hover over great distances, blast enemies from afar, or charge up a melee weapon with energy. He also has Cole's spider monkey-like climbing ability.

That's not to say Rowe is just Cole McGrath with fire instead of lightning, though. The gameplay video indicates some of his unique capabilities. He can turn into smoke in order to instantly travel great distances, vertically or horizontally. His fire attacks are powerful enough to blow up watchtowers, catwalks and other buildings in the world.

The soldiers Rowe is fighting are employees of the Department of Unified Protection. After Cole McGrath's exploits in the first two games, the government decides to crack down on any citizens with superpowers. As the gameplay footage shows, Rowe isn't planning to turn himself in.

inFamous: Second Son will arrive in early 2014 exclusively on the PS4.

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