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Nintendo Dominates October Hardware Sales

The NPD Group rolled out the software and hardware data for the month of October this year, and the results are now starting to look rather one-sided and in favor of Nintendo.

Super Mario Run And Odyssey Are Crossing Over, Here's How

If you're looking for a good reason to dive back into Super Mario Run, Nintendo may have provided exactly that. They recently announced a crossover event with Super Mario Odyssey, offering a bunch of free items to decorate your virtual space.

Monster Hunter Meets Iron Chef In Battle Chef Brigade Release Date Trailer

Trinket Studios released the new trailer for the release date for the upcoming game Battle Chef Brigade for the Nintendo Switch an dPC, which sees a combination of _Monster Hunter _style gameplay with the kind of cooking and gastronomy that one would expect from Iron Chef.

Super Mario Odyssey Just Set A Nintendo Record

It looks like Super Mario Odyssey has been a big hit for Nintendo. Not only has it received almost universal praise from critics, but it's also set a new milestone for the series.

Nintendo's Black Friday Plans Include A Zelda Themed 2DS

Black Friday is still a few weeks away from sending everyone into a buy-hungry frenzy, but Nintendo wanted to get in on the action early by giving gamers a heads-up about a specially themed Nintendo 2DS system designed after one of Nintendo's most beloved series, The Legend of Zelda.

The Insane Number Of Copies Super Mario Odyssey Has Already Sold

Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey launched just last week, on Friday, as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. Crazily enough the game has already sold an insane amount of stock within the span of just a few days over the weekend.

Apparently, GameCube Controller Support On The Switch Was An Accident

When the latest software update for the Switch rolled out last week, one of the surprise features was that players could now use GameCube controllers on Nintendo's latest piece of hardware. And according to a recent interview, even Nintendo was caught off guard.

Super Mario Odyssey Reviews Are In, Here's What The Critics Think

Super Mario Odyssey is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, and the reviews have already started pouring in. Based on what we're seeing so far, Mario and his new magical cap are in the running for Game of the Year nods.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Coming To Smartphones In November

If you were hoping that the Animal Crossing mobile game would be a streamlined drip-feed of the core series' most addictive goodness, you're in luck! Nintendo has finally revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and it looks like they've managed to cram a lot of the series' best stuff into a mobile-sized package.

Animal Crossing Mobile Is Getting Its Own Nintendo Direct This Week

Animal Crossing is finally coming to mobile. While we don't have further details just yet, we won't have to wait long to fill in the blanks. Nintendo has announced a special Direct presentation is scheduled for the game, and it's coming up really soon.

Which Exclusive Pokemon Will Be In Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Which Pokemon can only be captured in Ultra Sun and which ones can only be found in Ultra Moon?

Could Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Make it To The Nintendo Switch?

With so many big triple-A games making their way to the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of gamers have been asking if DICE and Electronic Arts would consider porting over the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to Nintendo's hybrid home console.

The Nintendo Switch Finally Adds A Much Needed Feature

One of the secret new updates added to the Nintendo Switch in the 4.0.0 roll out on October 18th is a feature that was much needed and requested for the system.

The 8 New Games Coming To Nintendo Switch's EShop

The Nintendo Switch may not be receiving a whole bunch of triple-A action titles these days, but the hybrid gaming device has been on the receiving end of a lot of different and unique indie and mid-budget titles, including eight new games that just recently arrived on the Nintendo Switch's eShop.

New Miitomo Items Are Available In The Shop

One of the games we haven't heard much about from Nintendo is the mobile title Miitomo. The title kind of slithered out onto the market and then faded away from the news feeds for a while. Well, Nintendo is putting the game back into the spotlight thanks to the fact that it's been updated with new items that are now available in the shop.

Fear Effect's RTS Game Will Get A Nintendo Switch Release

We haven't had a new Fear Effect game in 16 years. Well, Sushee and the Square Enix Collective are changing that by bringing the game series back with Fear Effect Sedna.

Mario Shows Off Dance Moves, New Footage In Super Mario Odyssey Music Video

Nintendo has really been pushing Super Mario Odyssey quite heavily. The game is scheduled to release later this month, so it makes sense. Leading up to the release, a new music video has been published featuring Mario showing off his fancy Broadway-style dance moves.

More SNES Classics Are Coming Into Stock

Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition launched in September and quickly sold out shortly thereafter. In fact, many of the units sold out once pre-orders became available. Gamers and potential customers became incensed at the lack of units available, but Nintendo is quickly rectifying that problem with more SNES Classic Editions coming back into stock.

Here's Who Won The Nintendo World Championships

This past weekend Nintendo held the 2017 edition of the Nintendo World Championships, bringing back the beloved tournament-style showdown after its absence in 2016. The championship throwdown saw a clear winner being crowned at the event, which was held in New York City.

The SNES Classic Has Already Been Hacked

The SNES Classic Edition just recently came out during the tail-end of September. The highly anticipated retro machine has been selling out like crazy, just like Nintendo's other hybrid gaming device, the Switch. Well, some gamers weren't satisfied with the current offerings of the SNES Classic Edition and decided to hack it.

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