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Rockstar Employees Open Up On Social Media About Working Conditions

This past week has been a firestorm of controversy and consternation whenever the topic of Rockstar Games pops up, and it's all because of a quote about 100-hour work weeks. Well, who better to get a clarification of the matter than from the developers themselves?

Fortnite Now Has An Awesome ATV

The Fortnite garage is about to receive a new occupant as Epic announces the impending arrival of the Quadcrasher, an ATV specifically designed to turn in-game structures into piles of rubble.

Nintendo Switch Online Is The Nostalgia Trip I Didn't Know I Needed

How much are the Nintendo Switch Online NES games worth to modern gamers? What value do they actually add to the $20 subscription service? Well, if you're a nostalgic 30-something, there might be some hidden benefits.

Fortnite's Skull Trooper Is Back

A fan-favorite classic skin launched in Fortnite today, with the skeletal "Skull Squad Gear" making its triumphant return just in time for Halloween.

The Original Legend Of Zelda Just Got A Brand New Version On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Online library of classic NES games grew by four today, including three previously announced games and the surprise addition of a new version of the original The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo Patent Might Turn Your Smartphone Into A Classic Game Boy

Nintendo might be bypassing a Game Boy Classic Edition in favor of turning your smartphone into a Game Boy.

Is A New Nintendo Switch Model Coming Next Year?

If you've been holding out on getting a Nintendo Switch, the latest rumor indicates that your patience could be rewarded sometime next year with the introduction of a new model boasting several improvements.

Some Lunatic Built A Nintendo Wii Into An Altoids Tin

Some modifications are a little more extreme than others, and in one case some guy decided to take the Nintendo Wii and completely transform it into a whole other console... well, technically not another console but rather an Altoids tin.

Remaining Telltale Games Staff Continues To Shrink

With the majority of Telltale Games' staff being laid off this fall, a skeleton crew was being kept on to finish a final project. According to a recent posting on social media, though, it looks like even that team is being downsized.

Birdo Is Coming To Mario Tennis Aces

The latest update for Mario Tennis Aces will see a familiar face make a return to the series, and make her debut for the first time in this particular outing. It's none other than the pink-skinned, red-bow wearing Birdo, sporting a giant diamond ring and a whole lot of sass.

The Number 1 Pokemon Go Player Has Been Banned From The Game

Niantic Labs recently suspended who the community claims is the number one Pokemon Go player from the game.

Mario Kart VR Is Coming To The U.S. But Not From Nintendo

If you've ever wanted to play Mario Kart in virtual reality but don't want to fly all the way to Japan, you might be in luck.

Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Against Tokyo's Real-Life Mario Kart Tour Company

Nintendo caught wind of an outfit named MariCar, a go-kart touring company in Tokyo, Japan. Nintendo decided to sue the company for intellectual property violation and for damaging the Mario Kart brand, since the outfit was offering tours themed around the Super Mario characters without permission from Nintendo.

GLAAD Media Awards To Recognize Video Games For The First Time

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced this week that it will include a new award in its annual recognition campaign specifically for video games that include LBGTQ-inclusive content.

Fortnite's Season 6 Battle Pass Is Here

Fortnite's sixth season is finally upon us, boasting a spooky theme full of mysterious map alterations, an evolving plot and a brand new Battle Pass full of skins, cosmetics and even pets.

Fortnite Season 6: Everything You Need To Know Before It Starts

The highly-anticipated sixth season is set to kick off in Fortnite tomorrow, which means speculation is running wild concerning what players can expect in terms of theme and content.

Fortnite Cross-Play Finally Includes The PS4

After a lot of cajoling and lots of feedback from gamers, Sony finally decided to acquiesce and give the people what they wanted by enabling the one feature that PS4 gamers playing Fortnite have been begging for: cross-play compatibility

This Walking Dead Season One 'Alternate Ending' Is Hilariously Badass

Even though there's a lot of sad news passing around regarding Telltale's closure and the potential end of The Walking Dead: The Final Season with just two episodes, there's some small solace in knowing that there is some form of entertainment to be had in an alternate ending for the original game.

Pokemon Go Has Introduced A Never Before Seen Pokemon, And It's A Weird One

The company has actually introduced a brand new Pokemon into the fold for gamers to capture, allowing them to further flesh out their library of pocket monsters. Only, this brand new Pokemon that gamers will be able to capture in the mobile app for smartphones is a weird one.

Could Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Be Completed After All?

With the imminent closure of Telltale Games, it appeared that the story of The Walking Dead would not reach the conclusion that fans were hoping to see.

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