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Gaming Disorder Has Been Officially Recognized As A Mental Health Condition

Can gaming become an addiction? According to the World Health Organization, the answer is yes. That question has been debated and studied for years now but, until very recently, the WHO has never officially weighed in on the matter. That ended with the release of the most recent edition of the International Classification of Diseases, which pegs "gaming disorder" as a legitimate diagnosis. But don't worry. Playing a metric ton of Fortnite isn't enough to get you labeled with the condition.

E3's Coolest Products Are Coming To Gamestop

Every year peripheral manufacturers unleash their own slate of awesome new products and gadgets for gamers to consume. Well, it turns out that you won't actually have to wait long for some of the gadgets and products on display at this year's E3, because they're all coming soon to GameStop.

Mega Man 11 Gives The Series Some Surprising Upgrades

Mega Man 11 is rushing toward a fall launch and, rather than simply give players another collection of eight stages to leap through and eight Robot Masters to blast into tiny pieces, Capcom has decided to take things a step further and introduce a couple new mechanics to the beloved franchise. That's a daring move considering the game's history but, based on what I played during E3 2018, it might actually pay off in a big way.

How To Get A Shiny Legendary Pokemon In Sun And Moon For Free

If you thought that Nintendo's free Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were over with now that Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go has become big, think again. Nintendo is still rolling out free Legendary Pokemon for those of you who have the Nintendo 3DS title in your possession.

Pokemon Is Taking Action Against Illegally-Caught Pokemon

Nobody likes a cheater, and that includes Niantic, the developer behind the hugely popular Pokemon Go.

Nintendo Has Huge Plans For Pokemon On The Switch

Rather than wait for their E3 broadcast in a couple of weeks, Nintendo has opted to pull back the curtain early on all things Pokemon, revealing two Switch exclusives and one game that will also be released for mobile. Get ready to catch 'em all.

Best Buy Ending Gamers Club Unlocked Program

If you've been a member of the Gamers Club program at Best Buy for years on end, be prepared to see it all go away. Yes, Best Buy is ending the Games Club Unlocked program, and all the benefits associated with it will soon come to an end.

Could A Nintendo 64 Classic Mini-Console Be On The Way?

Nintendo has found a lot of success in its NES Classic and SNES Classic mini-consoles and, based on a recent trademark filing, it looks like they may try to continue that trend with the Nintendo 64.

Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan, But In A Very Strange Way

It looks like Japanese gamers will soon be able to enjoy all of the tantalizing terrors of Resident Evil VII on the Nintendo Switch, though in an unexpected way.

NBA PlayGrounds 2 Gets A Last Minute Delay

Saber Interactive's NBA Playgrounds 2 was supposed to be released on May 22nd later this week for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. However, the game hit a slight snag and now Saber Interactive have decided to push the release back after a last minute delay.

Okami For The Nintendo Switch Has A Release Date

We finally know exactly when Clover Studio's masterpiece will arrive on the new platform.

LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Trailer Includes An Awesome Pixar Easter Egg

Pixar movies are known for two things, making you weep openly in a movie theater full of strangers, and hiding references to their other films inside each feature. It seems that the first LEGO game based on a Pixar license will follow suit.

The NES Classic Is Coming Back Next Month

If you missed out on the NES Classic Edition the first time around, Nintendo is keeping to its promise to release more of the old-school, miniscule consoles this summer.

Monster Hunter For Nintendo Switch Is Finally Heading West

Nintendo Switch fans have a busy summer ahead of them, as Capcom announces the impending arrival of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the portable/home console hybrid.

Awesome Breath Of The Wild Mod Makes Zelda A Playable Character

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series is oftentimes regarded as one of the greatest game series in the history of gaming, but one of the biggest criticisms is that you don't get to play as Princess Zelda. Well, a new mod for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild changes all of that.

Nintendo Finally Announces The Switch's Most Needed Accessory

There's been one giant complaint about the Nintendo Switch when it comes to portability and being able to play while on the go: the battery life. When playing high-end AAA games the Nintendo Switch may net you two to three hours tops for most titles, and then the battery is completely drained. Well, Nintendo may have a fix for that.

The Nintendo Switch Online Service Means No Virtual Console

Nintendo recently announced plans for its premium online service for the Nintendo Switch, including a hub that will let subscribers play some classic games. And, according to a follow-up report, it appears this is as close to a return for the Virtual Console as Nintendo plans to get on the platform.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Include Free Classic Games, Online Save Backup

With Nintendo shifting its online service to a premium model later this year, the publisher has announced a handful of the features subscribers can expect, including the ability to backup saves online and enjoy classic games with new features.

Minecraft's Next Big Update Will Be The Last For Legacy Consoles

It was only a matter of time before Microsoft began edging Mojang away from supporting the old seventh gen systems when it comes to new content and updates for Minecraft. Well that day has finally arrived, and the next big update for the game will be the last for the legacy consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Now Has Steam Support

It has taken a year, but it sounds like the folks at Steam have finally unlocked the mysteries of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

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