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Red Dead Redemption 2 Isn't The Only Major Game On The Way From 2K

The folks over at Take-Two recently held an earnings report to drop some details on what is in store in the coming years. Red Dead Redemption 2 was obviously the big focus, with the publisher stating that a game in another big franchise is also on the way.

2K Is Teasing A New Game In A Major Franchise

Coming off their recent release of Mafia 3, 2K has been silent on the front of big new titles. However, with E3 just around the corner, things could be picking up for Take-Two's subsidiary, as they tease a brand new game within a major franchise.

Bioshock: The Collection Is Having Major Problems For PC Gamers

2K Games managed to put out the highly anticipated BioShock: The Collection, which is supposed to be a remastered bundle of the BioShock trilogy. However, the game hasn't quite lived up to expectations due to what some gamers are calling shortcuts and shoddy work.

Mafia 3 Is Adding Tons Of Expansions, Get The Details

Before a game releases, any company that starts talking post-launch DLC will instantly conjure up groans, and moans from most gamers. However, 2K is promising some free content for Mafia III as a way to assuage the anti-DLC crowd.

What WWE 2K16 Is Doing About Hulk Hogan

It looks like Hulkamania isn't running wild on anyone anymore, brother. Following the recent release of some transcripts and interviews where Hulk Hogan uses racial slurs and other language, WWE has been systematically erasing Hogan from wrestling entirely.

ESL Hosting $100,000 Evolve Tournament This June

The eSports League (ESL) has announced the “Evolve Proving Grounds,” a special Xbox One tournament featuring the 4-vs-1 hunting game and a $100,000 prize to be held this June.

E3 2009: Borderlands Looks Good In New Trailer

The new trailer doesn’t show off a lot but it definitely gives gamers a sense of how the new art-style works and what the environments will be like.

Take Two Confirms BioShock 2 - Levine Still Involved

This Q1 results call Take-Two interactive confirmed a few nuggets of info. First and foremost in many gamer’s minds is the official announcement that BioShock 2 has gone into development. Take Two has also said Rockstar is working on a huge sequel for 2009, but no word on what it is as they let GTA IV expand its wings.

Bring Your 'A' Game To 2K8

2K Sports has announced it’s second annual NHL All –Star Tournament will take place in Atlanta, Georgia during NHL All-Star Weekend on January 26th – 27th, 2008. The tourney will give players from the United States and Canada the chance to flex their skills in the digital rink.

Bioshock Gets Patched And New Plasmids

2K Games today confirmed the rumored new content coming to BioShock. Both the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows versions receive the new downloadable content starting today. The upgrade includes new Plasmids and Tonics, some interface tweaks, and even a few extra Achievements.

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