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Mafia III

Before a game releases, any company that starts talking post-launch DLC will instantly conjure up groans, moans and bellyaches from most gamers. People aren't often interested in how much they have to pay for piecemeal content shortly after a game releases. However, 2K is promising some free content for Mafia III as a way to assuage the anti-DLC crowd.

Gamespot did a rundown of the post-launch content that 2K and Hangar 13 Studios plan on releasing for the deep-south action game, which is due for release this October for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The info comes from over on the official Mafia website, where they explain that there will be free recurring DLC packs made available for Mafia III in addition to paid DLC.

The free DLC will contain character outfits for lead protagonist Lincoln Clay, as well as free weapon packs. The first weapon pack, entitled "Judge, Jury and Executioner" will offer gamers a golden livery for some of the weapons, including a white, gold and brown livery for the semi-auto rifle, a white, black and gold livery for the sawed-off lever-action 1901 Winchester shotgun, and a 1911 .45 gold, white and black pistol with a golden silencer.

I have to admit that the 1901 sawed-off Winchester looks really sexy. Hangar 13 did a fantastic job with modeling and designing that gun.

But it's not just weapons and clothes that are being designed for the post-launch content of Mafia III, there's also vehicles and races that will be available in the post-launch DLC offerings as well. This includes customization parts for the vehicles in the game, along with new paint jobs, license plates and wheels for the cars that you drive around in the Bordeaux.

New races will also be made available for free, enabling gamers to get their hands on new customization options and other rewards. Apparently there's more to the races than meets the eye because 2K mentions that they will have more details on how they work at a later date.

They also detail some of the paid expansions for Mafia III, including a "Faster, Baby!" quest line that sees Lincoln teaming up with an old love interest to fight against a corrupt and racist Sheriff. There's another mission called "Sign of the Times" that centers around Lincoln being asked to look into a string of ritualistic killings that's turning New Bordeaux upside down. Lincoln ends up investigating a cult-like group that's heavy into drugs and blood working within the old bayou.

The last of the DLC missions they cover is called "Stones Unturned", which sees Lincoln teaming up with a CIA agent to track down an old rival from Vietnam who has turned up in New Bordeaux. I can't help but think about Todd McFarlane's Spawn and the rivalry between Al Simmons and Bruce "Chapel" Stinson.

Individual prices on the DLC aren't listed, but they promise that for those who buy the Mafia III season pass they'll gain access to the three new story expansions and everything else mentioned in the post. The season pass will cost $29.99 and buying all of the DLCs outside of the season pass will total $39.97.

Mafia III is set to launch on October 7th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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