Bioshock: The Collection Is Having Major Problems For PC Gamers

BioShock The Collection
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2K Games managed to put out the highly anticipated BioShock: The Collection, which is supposed to be a remastered bundle of the BioShock trilogy. However, the game hasn't quite lived up to expectations due to what some gamers are calling shortcuts and shoddy work.

Gamespot is reporting that a number of Steam users are not at all pleased with the results of the BioShock: The Collection remaster on PC. According to the current Steam user review rating, it has a mixed rating after more than a thousand reviews. The positive reviews are from people who say that the game is working fine for them and that they haven't encountered any problems. The people who have negative reviews on the game run the gamut of issues, from crashes to streaming issues to FPS problems, to lack of FOV sliding (which can sometimes result in people getting motion sickness and nausea) all the way to a lack of proper mouse sensitivity options.

A lot of players are reporting that the mouse sensitivity and acceleration doesn't work right in the remastered version of BioShock for PC. This means that aiming or trying to look around isn't as smooth as it should be since it sounds like it's acclimated and optimized for a gamepad. A lot of users who are using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One or DualShock 4 controller say that the game works fine for them on PC, but the keyboard and mouse players are having some serious issues playing the game. Some users are reporting that this was actually an issue that first cropped up nearly a decade ago when the game first launched on PC, and it's disappointing that the bug has returned in what's supposed to be a remastered version of a classic.

And speaking of remasters... there are plenty of complaints that the game isn't actually remastered in the way that they thought. The common complaint is that there's only been a slight bump up in the visuals compared to what some people thought the game would feature.

Keep in mind that there are some significant upgrades to certain areas of the game, however. One user, Spirit Falls Studios, had both the original and the remastered version and compared what was added to the remastered version of the PC version of BioShock, noting that the game has a lot of the new features and upgrades present in today's high-end game engines, including HBAO, real-time dynamic shadows and higher resolution dynamic shadows, along with advanced HDR, improved pre-baked static shadows, and more screen space reflections, along with higher quality audio.

One thing that Spirit Falls Studios notes that fits in line with some of the other negative complaints is that the controller options definitely received better support at the expense of keyboard and mouse support.

Some people have said that they would love to do a more in-depth comparison, but the game has been crashing randomly just after the intro when players first arrive at Rapture. So some people who are attempting to do a thorough comparison between the original BioShock on PC and the remastered version in BioShock: The Collection have been unable to do so.

A lot of players are also saying they're waiting for 2K to patch the game to fix it before returning to their reviews and changing the score. For now it sounds like if you plan on getting the PC version (or if you got a copy for free because you already purchased the trilogy) then it might be best to wait for a proper fix before diving in.

There are no reported problems with BioShock: Infinite because the PC version is already the best version of the game and 2K Games just ported over the PC version to the Xbox One and PS4 as part of the remastered collection.

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