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What's Changing With Overwatch's New Update

The latest update for Overwatch will likely have some fans raging and others cheering, since a host of balancing tweaks have been made to a number of characters, including fan-favorites such as Widowmaker and Ana, along with the most recent newcomer to the group, Brigitte.

Hearthstone Director Leaves Blizzard

Blizzard is known for having made some of the best games in the industry and for having top notch talent working for the company. Well, Blizzard just lost one of its best in the form of Heathstone game director, Ben Brode.

How To Get Free Cards In Hearthstone

The latest expansion is set to arrive in Hearthstone next month and, to celebrate, Blizzard is offering players a whole bunch of free cards.

Blizzard Responds To Rumors Of Diablo On The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gamers have basically been begging game developers for all the top games, from DOOM to Overwatch and from Skyrim to Diablo. It's no surprise that, given the Switch's massive success, gamers would want to play something like Diablo on Nintendo's hybrid console, and Blizzard finally responded to all the requests and rumors.

Is Overwatch Hinting At A Brand New Hero?

Based on a recent "declassified after-action report," it looks like Blizzard could be gearing up to introduce a new character to the Overwatch roster. But who, exactly, is Private First Class Emre Sarioglu?

BlizzardWorld Theme Park Map Makes Us Wish We Could Buy Tickets

While an actual theme park based on Blizzard Entertainment properties doesn't exist, there is a new purchasable print featuring BlizzardWorld, a fictional theme park based on Blizzard properties.

Overwatch Is Getting Another Free Weekend

Blizzard Entertainment isn't done luring in gamers who haven't yet played Overwatch or haven't bitten the bullet and bought a copy of the game. This is why Blizzard has announced that there's a free weekend set to take place next week.

New Overwatch Video Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Game's Newest Map

Blizzard has announced that Junkertown, the latest new map heading to popular arena shooter Overwatch, is set to arrive soon. Before players can dive in for some battles in the desert, though, a map preview video has been made available to introduce folks to their newest stomping grounds.

After 15 Years, Blizzard Has Launched A New Test Server For Warcraft III

Here's some odd news coming out of the Blizzard Entertainment front: there's a major update for Warcraft III that involves a brand new test server. Yes, Warcraft III has a public test realm setup so that Blizzard can test new updates for the 15-year-old RTS game.

Here's What Professional Overwatch Players Will Earn In Season 1

With the first season of the Overwatch League set to kick off later this year, Blizzard has been finalizing all of the fine details of operations. They recently set up guidelines for player pay, and it looks like folks who make it onto a team are going to be compensated nicely.

New England Patriots' Owner May Be Starting An Overwatch League Team

The Overwatch League looks to be drawing the attention of even more existing sports franchises, with parent organizations of both the New York Mets and New England Patriots reportedly stepping to join the fray. With their inclusion, that puts the current roster of teams at six for the upcoming esports league.

Why Overwatch's Comic Got Cancelled

There was supposed to be an Overwatch graphic novel tie-in for the game to release a while ago, but it was shelved... no, it was cancelled. It was cancelled hard. Well, now that the dust has settled game director Jeff Kaplan has finally explained why the Overwatch comic got cancelled.

Overwatch's Loot Box Probabilities Have Been Revealed

Due to new regulations regarding digital goods being sold in China and their strict crackdown on potential gambling possibilities within interactive entertainment, Blizzard and other companies operating in the region have been forced to reveal the loot box probabilities in games like Overwatch.

Some Guy Ended Up Getting StarCraft's Source Code Off Ebay

An interesting story recently took place involving a guy who ended up buying an original gold master disc containing the source code and original intellectual game property of the first StarCraft from Blizzard Entertainment. How did he get it? Well, he paid for it from eBay.

World of Warcraft Is Releasing A Children's Book, Get The Details

Later this year, Blizzard Entertainment invites everyone to experience the World of Warcraft like never before. Get ready for unparalleled action and adventure in the form of…A children’s book?

Overwatch Won't Have A Traditional Progression System

Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft players spent much of their time either leveling up or trying to get new gear. Developer Blizzard doesn't want that to be the case with their new shooter Overwatch.

Overwatch Won't Charge For New Heroes, Maps

Games that are multiplayer-only are dangerous affairs. It takes a lot to keep those kind of competitive titles alive when they're reliant on a strong community to make them tick. Well, one way that Blizzard wants to keep Overwatch alive is by not charging for heroes or maps.

5 Things New Players Should Know Before Playing StarCraft 2

While StarCraft had interested me for years, I avoided picking it up until the 3rd expansion of StarCraft II, Legacy of the Void. The game looked awesome, but I was a little intimidated by real-time strategy and lighting-quick pro gamers. When I did finally give it a try, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t nearly as rough as I had imagined all those years. Here are some tips to get real-time strategy noobs started with less frustration.

World Of Warcraft: Legion's First Dungeon Revealed

The alpha test for World of Warcraft: Legion has been updated with its first dungeon, Halls of Valor. This dungeon should give remind veterans of the old Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Overwatch Beta Is Taking A Long Break

Overwatch beta testers will have to find something else to do during the holidays. Blizzard says that they'll be taking the test offline for an extended period of time.

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