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Defiance Sending Players To Alcatraz In Next Update

The third season of Defiance will launch on Syfy in a couple of months, which means it’s nearly time for the MMO shooter set in the same universe to update, too. Hopefully you’ve got a good breakout plan, because Defiance is about to send all Arc Hunters to Alcatraz.

Defiance Goes Free-To-Play On Xbox 360

Attention all Ark Hunters who couldn’t muster enough Scrip to purchase Defiance for the Xbox 360: The game has now gone free-to-play on your console of choice, joining the PlayStation 3 and PC crowd in the magical realm of no upfront cost gaming.

Defiance Lets You Explore The Silicon Valley Expansion Starting Today

Get your gear and meet me in the roller, Arc hunters, because it's time to venture into uncharted territory as Trion World's announces the latest expansion to its free-to-play online third-person MMO shooter, Defiance.

Defiance Goes Free-To-Play On PC Today

The life of an Ark hunter is about to get a lot more interesting as a whole new crop of adventurers get ready to head to the wastelands of San Francisco in hopes of earning fame and fortune. That’s right, kiddies, Defiance has finally gone free-to-play on PC.

Defiance Going Free-To-Play

Defiance, the MMO shooter inspired by the SyFy television show, will be going free-to-play this summer on all platforms.

Defiance Contest Could Put Your Character Into The Show

The first season of the Defiance television show may have wrapped up this past Monday, but the game is still going strong. And with a second season of the show in the works, a new promotion is underway that will allow one player's character to actually get written into the show.

Defiance Gets New DLC/Update Details

The MMO third-person shooter world of Defiance is already pretty dang big. There's a large map to explore, loads of missions and side quests to undertake and lots of options for co-op and competitive multiplayers to have a good time. It looks like the game is about ready to get just a little bit bigger, though, as Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson announces details on the first of five DLC updates planned for this year.

Defiance Article Proposes The Idea Of Gamers Producing TV Show

A satirical article has popped up online proposing a very interesting idea: What if the “winner” of Defiance had a chance to helm the television show airing on the Syfy channel? The very thought fills my head with swirling ideas involving all the worst of the worst from the internet gaming community.

Defiance, Warframe Make It Onto April's Top 20 Most Played Games List

Syfy and Trion World's Defiance MMO shooter game has managed to make it onto the top 20 list for the most played games in April, grabbing the number 9 spot. This is probably great news for the duo who teamed up to offer gamers and sci-fi aficionados a tie-in, cross-media game and TV show. Free-to-play shooter Warframe also made the list with a massive 42 spot jump since first debuting.

Defiance Hits 1 Million Players

Gamers have created over one million accounts for MMO shooter Defiance, publisher Trion Worlds announced this weekend. The game, inspired by the SyFy show of the same name, launched a month ago on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Defiance In-game Contest Will Put A Player Into The Syfy Show

Defiance, the third-person shooter MMO from Trion Worlds that just so happens to cross worlds with the new television show on Syfy by the same name, is offering players the chance to have their likeness appear in an upcoming episode of the show.

Defiance Theme Song Trailer Features Explosive Gameplay

A new trailer from Syfy and Trion Worlds for the recently released third-person MMO shooter, Defiance, has made it onto the netwaves and it features the music from composer Bear McCreary, a name that might resonate well within the niches of geek culture as the man behind the music for Battlestar Galactica.

Defiance Invades PC, PS3 And Xbox 360 Today

Today is the day Sci-Fi nerds and shooter fans have been waiting for, doubly so if you happen to belong to both groups of fandom. Trion Worlds’ third-person shooter MMO is finally here, meaning that Ark Hunters the world over can finally gear up and step into the open world of Defiance.

Defiance Headlines This Week's PlayStation Network Update

It's a very light week for brand new games on the PlayStation Network but, given how packed the first quarter of 2013 has been, I think we can forgive only having a few titles to blow our money on from time to time. This week's game to watch is Defiance, the third-person shooter MMO from Trion Worlds.

Defiance History Chronicled In Newspaper Clippings

Those looking to jump into Trion Worlds’ upcoming third-person shooter MMO, Defiance, next week will likely want to bone up on the history of the new online world they’re about to call home. Luckily, some creative folks have already started building up Defiance’s history, which can be found in the form of a handful of nifty articles leading up to the game’s events.

Defiance: Hands On With the Third-Person Shooter MMO Beta

Now that the Defiance beta has branched out to the PlayStation 3, I've had the opportunity to sink quite a few hours into Trion's upcoming third-person shooter MMO (PS3, PC, Xbox 360). The developer also lifted all NDA restrictions, meaning that anyone who has had the opportunity to play the game can now talk about their experiences with a clear conscience. In short, I'm here to tell you that Defiance has been a blast.

Defiance Weaponry Shown Off In New Trailer

Trion Worlds' third-person shooter MMO, Defiance, is set to release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on April 2, just in time to run in tangent with the upcoming Syfy show that shares the same universe. To help get everyone pumped for the upcoming launch, a new trailer highlighting some of the game's weaponry has been made available through the PlayStation Blog.

Defiance Gets A DLC Season Pass

Defiance is set to ship in early April to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and, while the online massively multiplayer third-person shooter will be free-to-play following an initial purchase of the core game, Trion Worlds has plans to keep the content rolling following launch, adding all sorts of new goodies to the game. For those who want to save a little money, the publisher is offering a Season Pass for the first batch of DLC content.

Defiance Being Published On Xbox 360, PS3 By Namco Bandai

The retail release of Trion Worlds and Syfy's third-person, MMO action-shooter, Defiance, will be handled by none other than Namco Bandai, the famed publishers behind Tekken, Naruto and DragonBall Z. The game is scheduled to ship to a retailer near-you this spring, on April 2nd.

Defiance Trailer Focuses On The Raiders

Defiance, the upcoming SyFy Channel action sci-fi game/TV show is continuing to ramp up on the promo material and the latest bit is a look at a group of bandits who raid and pillage the surrounding communities, appropriately called Raiders. Envision a group of non-law abiding individuals who rampage in ugly vehicles and shoot everything in sight with big guns.

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