Defiance Season 1 Is Now Available Streaming On Amazon Prime

Last Spring, Amazon Prime secured a deal with NBCUniversal that included exclusive streaming access to Syfy's futuristic drama series Defiance, which they promised would be made available to their Streaming subscribers sometime early this year. Sure enough, Defiance has arrived!

The full first season of the Syfy series is now available streaming on Amazon Prime. The series arrives months ahead of the planned second season, giving fans and potential fans alike the opportunity to get caught up or refresh themselves on the drama before it returns for Season 2. It also looks like there's a 17-minute making-of special available to stream, for those who want to go behind the scenes of Defiance\ to see the cast and creators bring the drama to life.

Developed by Rockne S. O'Bannon, Kevin Murphy and Michael Taylor, Defiance premiered on Syfy a year ago today. The story is set in 2046 when Earth has been radically transformed due to a massive war involving various alien species. Earth has since been inhabited by the survivors of that war, who consist of a humans and several extraterrestrial races who are all trying to co-exist together. Defiance is the city that was once St. Louis.

Grant Bowler plays Joshua Nolan, an ex-Marine who becomes the new Lawkeeper in Defiance. Julie Benz plays Amanda Rosewater, Defiance's Mayor. Among the rest of the cast are Stephanie Leonidas (Nolan's adopted daughter), Tony Curran (Datak Tarr), Jaime Murray (Datak's wife, Stahma), Mia Kirshner (Kenya, Amanda's sister and the owner of Defiance's bar and brothel). and Graham Greene, who plays Rafe McCawley, the opener and operator of a mine. Jesse Rath plays Alak Tarr, Datak and Sahma's son, who's involved in a romantic relationship with Rafe's daughter, Christie (Nicole Munoz).

Defiance arrived on DVD/Blu-ray last October, so die-hard fans of the series have already had plenty of opportunity to revisit the series that way. But making the series available on Amazon Prime now, about two months ahead of the June 19 premiere of Season 2, gives this series a chance to build its audience before it returns. Those who fell behind during the first season, who who never got around to watching it at all now have a simpler way to sample the series, assuming they're Amazon Prime subscribers.

Here's a look at one of the trailers for Defiance's first season:

Amazon Prime has more than a few great TV offerings, including the first season of BBC America's Orphan Black, NBC's Grimm and more recently added, Fox's 24.

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