The Heat Blu-ray Combo Pack
The Heat offers fans an uproarious 117 minutes comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, who plays Ashburn, an FBI agent, opposite McCarthy’s Mullins, a detective, in the film. The two team up to take down a drug cartel in Boston, leading to crazy hijinks and plenty of infighting. But when Mullins’ family becomes involved, the women get serious and decide to bring “the heat.”

Mostly, The Heat offers Bullock and McCarthy the chance to improvise and play two outside-the-box female characters in an inside-the-box buddy cop format. It’s exciting to see a buddy female cop comedy work, just as it’s exciting to see a couple of women play weirdo characters with no romance involved. Bullock’s more of the straight woman in the equation, while McCarthy gets most of the no-holds barred lines. McCarthy can occasionally border on the obnoxious, but her character thrives with this type of subject matter.

Director Paul Feig recently spoke to us about how he tried to edit the film to feature all of his preferred takes. This sometimes meant splicing a part of a wide shot with a close-up. Occasionally that leads to background continuity problems, which is a small critique and fortunately, one many viewers likely won't even notice.

At it’s heart, if it is anything, The Heat is enjoyable, and it’s the type of film that remains as funny upon rewatch. For a comedy, that's pretty high praise.

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Best Special Feature: There is just an overload of extras available with The Heat set. I think there are more extras with this disc than I have ever seen with a comedy, and they actually don’t suck. Bloopers and deleted scenes are always good with a comedy, but they even have a cool name on this disc (see: “All The Stuff We Had To Take Out But Still Think Is Funny”). Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of audio commentaries, but there are multiple on this disc and they are all worth a listen. One features Feig, another features the ridiculous Mullins family, another features other cast members from the flick, and a fourth was even put together by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys and features amusing lines like, “How much did the FBI pay for product placement in this movie?”

Typically comedy sets are amusing, but Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s The Heat is majorly enjoyable and is actually worth spending some time with to get through the extras.

Other Special Features:
Unrated Version
“Mullins Family Fun”
Von Bloopers
“Police Brutality”
“Let’s Get Physical”
Acting Master Class
Supporting Cast Calvacade
Over and Out
“All The Stuff We Had To Take Out But Still Think Is Funny”
“How The Heat was Made”
“Attend the Premiere of The Heat

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