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How Madden And FIFA Could Cease Being Annual Franchises

It seems pretty clear that the games industry is moving closer and closer to an all-streaming format. That may still be many years off, but that doesn't mean big publishers aren't already looking in that direction. EA, for instance, has already started to think about life without annualization.

How FIFA 18 Is Improving Career Mode

For FIFA 18, the developers revealed how the Career Mode would be improving for this year's outing.

YouTubers Charged With Illegal Gambling In FIFA

Two YouTubers, Craig "Nepenthez" Douglas and Dylan Rigby have been charged for soliciting minors and promoting illegal gambling for EA Sports' FIFA games using the FIFA Ultimate Team packs. The duo were taken to court by the British Gambling Commission.

3 Things EA Play Could've Done Better
I was excited to attend EA Play yesterday, EA's own version of E3 where they were able to show off their upcoming games to the public. But while I was there, I noticed EA Play wasn't exactly as exciting as they had tried to make it out to be. With the exception of the press conference, EA Play felt like a total bust.
Father: My Teenager Spent $4500 On FIFA Microtransactions

Microtransactions are how a lot of software companies are making a lot of bank on fallible customers. Jeremy Hillman, a communications director at World Bank, learned the hard way about microtransactions when his 13-year-old son purchased $4,500 worth of digital goods in EA's FIFA.

Sony Pulls FIFA Sponsorship

In an age where image can be everything and ad revenue can determine whether the lights stay on or not, Sony has decided to make a move that has a few people scratching their heads and others nodding in approval. For those who didn't know, the electronics giant has pulled their sponsorship from FIFA.

Microsoft Changes Their Tune On Xbox One Scandal; FTC Could Be Investigating

A few days removed from the very controversial and legally questionable acts that followed paid-endorsements for Microsoft and Electronic Arts products, has reaped some very interesting results.

EA And FIFA Renew Vows Through 2022

It looks like EA Sports and Federation Internationale de Football Association (Or FIFA to those of us who prefer fewer syllables) are enjoying a comfortable relationship in the world of video games as both entities today have announced an extension of their licensing agreement carrying all the to Dec. 31 of 2022.

EA Shutting Down The Sims 2 Servers For PC, Mac

A list of new games have been outed as part of EA's public service announcement for game server retirements. Majority of the games are from two years back but one title that stands out as part of the shutdown is The Sims 2...yes, The Sims 2, one of the most popular mainstream niche titles that managed to garner a wide following and tons of subcultural communities.

Weekly Recap Sept 29th: NBA Live 13 Canceled, Borderlands 3, Slender: The Arrival Coming

Electronic Arts cancels NBA Live 13. Gearbox already has their sights on Borderlands 3 and Slender gets a sequel. These stories and more in this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

FIFA 13 Detailed, First Screenshots Emerge

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the next installment in their multi-billionaire dollar franchise, FIFA 13, via its first details. The game's first screenshots has also been released.

Illegal Video Game Downloads Increase By 20%

Apparently the mentality of download-first and (maybe or maybe not) buy-later is spreading worse than a venereal disease at a celebrity retirement home. A new report from the BBC suggests that illegal video game downloading has increased by 20%.

EA Sports' VP Says Sports Games Will Surpass FPS With Player Engagement

EA Sports' executive vice president, Andrew Wilson believes that persistent online events and challenges from the interactive sports genre will soon surpass the FPS genre when it comes to player engagement and gameplay longevity.

Fantasy Tennis Adds New Missions, Clothes And FIFA Gear

Alaplaya's free-to-play sports MMO, Fantasy Tennis, received some interesting updates in the latest patch, including a single-player campaign and FIFA gear?

Games Vs. Movies: Wrath Of The Sequels

Big budget movies are often original and push for something exciting in a genre that has yet to be done, or is highly anticipated (i.e., superhero films, remakes or graphic novels.) $100 million dollar games happen to inflect a specific trend for a very specific demography, sometimes bypassing some things such as storylines or character depth.

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