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A Chinese Gaming Company Is Using Facial Recognition Technology To Monitor Its Players

Gamers will now be affected by China's use of facial recognition technology -- reportedly to help combat the nation's epidemic of visual impairment.

Overwatch Characters Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard hasn't forgotten about Heroes of the Storm. We haven't heard much about the MOBA from Blizzard but recently the game was on the receiving end of a brand new announcement about a new map and some new characters set to arrive in the game.

Paragon's Newest Fighter Looks Incredible, Check It Out

Ahead of the game's Early Access release on May 10, Epic Games released a new trailer for their cross-platform MOBA on PC and PS4, Paragon. The trailer takes a look at one of the game's more creative characters named GRIM.exe, who is a robotic titan powered by a little troll on his back.

Here's How You Can Get Ratchet And Clank For A Limited Time In Dead Star

Here’s a fun little crossover promotion that was announced this afternoon: You can now play as both Ratchet and Clank in the MOBA twin-stick shooter, Dead Star.

What The Paragon Essentials Edition For PS4 Will Include

Epic Games and Sony have announced a partnership that will bring a physical copy of Paragon to store shelves. It’s called Paragon Essentials Edition, and it includes a whole bunch of digital goodies for folks who want a jump-start in the upcoming MOBA/shooter.

Riot Games Acquires Radiant Entertainment, Here's What We Know

Riot Games is best known for their League of Legends MOBA. The game is a massive, massive success. One thing that Riot is looking to do now is branch out and they're doing so by picking up fresh new studios... like Radiant Entertainment. They've added the indie studio to their acquisition portfolio and they're closing down Radiant's fighting game in the process.

Trailer For Paragon Shows New Intense Gameplay

Paragon is set to launch later this year and, when it does, one of the modes that will be consuming players’ free time is called Rush the Core. Thankfully, we’ve got a new trailer showing off the mode in action, with characters Sparrow and Dekker attacking a core held by Steel, Grux and Co.

Battleborn Adds Two More Playable Heroes To Its Roster

Gearbox Software and 2K Games released two new character profile trailers for the upcoming MOBA-style first-person shooter, Battleborn. The two characters include close-range melee characters named Attikus and Galilea. The two characters make up a small portion of the very large 25 hero roster.

Riot Games Gives Insight Into How League of Legends Will Be Changing

Riot Games recently had various members sit down and discuss some of the big upcoming changes to the free-to-play MOBA title, with talks about Jhin the Virtuoso being discussed along with the brand new Hextech Crafting mechanic that will allow gamers to unlock new Champions and cosmetic items without paying a dime.

Gigantic's Beta Is Getting Some New Updates

Microsoft and developer Motiga have been working arduously on bringing their MOBA-style, free-to-play action game, Gigantic, to PC and Xbox One. Gamers have been play-testing the title off and on during a closed beta period, but now Motiga is going a different route with the beta by enabling gamers who are registered to have 24/7 access to the content.

Check Out What's Coming In Smite: Season 3 Changes

Hi-Rez Studios seems to have really found their way with Smite; the game is a huge success and they've been regularly updating their MOBA title with new content. For Season 3, they have made some significant changes to trinkets, a new Japanese god and how quests and matchmaking work.

Watch The Best League Of Legends Live-Streams Right Here

For gamers who are keen to keep up-to-date on all the visual happenings within the competitive online sphere of League of Legends, you can find some of the best live-streamed channels from right here.

Deadbreed To Bring Dark MOBA Action Into Beta

MOBAs are growing in popularity, featuring original IPs like Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends, as well as beloved properties like Lord of the Rings and the DC universe. The latest multiplayer strategy game to enter the fray is a new franchise called Deadbreed, offering tons of customization and a group of creators who know their way around the realm of video games.

Deep Silver Needs A Troll-Resistant Community Manager For Dead Island: Epidemic

Deep Silver has announced that they need a troll-resistant community manager for the upcoming game, Dead Island: Epidemic. Do you qualify? Are you troll-resistant? Can you withstand the flames of fanboys that can sometimes exceed degrees of over 9000? Well, if you have a flameproof jock-strap or chastity belt on hand, you might want to consider joining Deep Silver's ranks.

Marvel Heroes Update Adds Luke Cage, New Missions And More

Marvel Heroes is about to become more marvelously heroic as the game launches one of its biggest batches of new content to date in the decidedly un-heroically named Update 1.3, offering new quests, a new hero, a new mode, synergy systems and more.

American Express Becomes Official League Of Legends eSports Sponsor

American Express seems to disagree with gaming being niche because they see a ton of money in the eSports arena from males and females alike, which is why they're now officially sponsoring League of Legends.

Infinite Crisis Joins MLG Family, Showing Off At E3

It looks like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is going full steam ahead with its upcoming Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, Infinite Crisis. Today, the publisher announced that it will be partnering with Major League Gaming to bring the new title to the eSport audience, beginning with a big showing at this year’s E3.

Chaos Online Launches As Free To Play MOBA

Asiasoft is ready to release its first ever massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Chaos Online, and it'll be free to everyone come May 29th, tomorrow.

Dogs Of War Online Faction Concept Art, Screenshots Released

Cyanide Studio released some new screenshots and concept art for the upcoming online strategy game, Dogs of War Online. The new media images give gamers an idea of what each faction looks like and how the character aesthetics will appeal to gamers.

Magicka: Wizard Wars Adds Multiplayer To The Spell Casting Formula

For those of you who can’t get enough of flinging spells and watching your enemies (and sometimes your friends) vanish in a ball of fire, you’ll be happy to know that Magicka: Wizard Wars is about to turn the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre on its ear.

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