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Angry Birds: Stella Flying Your Way This Fall

Pink is a powerful color in the most recent iteration of the Angry Birds franchise as lead bird Stella takes center stage. In fact, that’s the name of the new upcoming title, Angry Birds: Stella.

Angry Birds Star Wars To Make A Console Run

Who would have thought that after all of these years of flinging disgruntled fowl at mischievous pigs, mankind would still have a hunger for the legendary Angry Birds series. The latest iteration, Angry Birds: Star Wars is already a huge hit on mobile and, on Oct. 29, the force will be strong with all major game consoles as Rovio Entertainment’s latest creation flocks to just about every home and portable system known to man.

Angry Birds Friends Will Add New Social Features

Angry Birds, the ever-popular fowl flinging game for just about every gaming and mobile device known to man, is set to take the next logical step forward into a more social market with Angry Birds friends.

Angry Birds Trilogy Breaks 1 Million, Coming To Wii And Wii U

Okay, look, I know that many of you have probably had your fill of Angry Birds over the years, but it looks like more than a few of you still can’t get enough of the disgruntled fowl. Activision and Rovio Entertainment have announced that the console version of Angry Birds Trilogy has officially swooped past the one million units sold mark, a number that will only increase as the developer/publisher duo announce plans to bring the game to the Wii family of consoles later this year.

Angry Birds Trilogy Anger Management DLC Available Now

I know what you're thinking: “Golly, Angry Birds Trilogy sure does offer a lot of bird-flinging goodness, but I sure would like to snag another, say, 130 levels to keep me occupied through the holidays.” Well, you're in luck! Rovio has officially announced an “Anger Management” DLC pack, offering exactly that. Oh, and you can go ahead and download it right now on your console of choice.

Angry Birds Star Wars Heads To Hoth Today

Not so very long ago, in this very galaxy you live in, mobile game developer Rovio released a version of their hit Angry Birds games that was themed after the Star Wars film franchise. For those who have played the Episode IV levels of Angry Birds Star Wars to death, you'll be happy to know that Episode V, the Hoth levels, is being released as a free add-on today. Also, it's launching with an adorable new trailer.

Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Video Features Luke And Leia

Rovio provided the first-ever gameplay video for Angry Birds Star Wars. The cross-over game footage shows the bird versions of Luke and Leia kicking some ass. Angry Bird Star Wars operates just like any other Angry Birds game. You use a slingshot to fling birds at pigs hiding inside structures.

Star Wars Angry Birds Collaboration Teased

Rovio's absurdly successful puzzle series Angry Birds may be traveling to a galaxy far away. A new image released by the company is suggesting a Star Wars cross-over project.

Angry Birds Sister Game Bad Piggies Is Less Terrible Than You'd Think

Rovio Mobile showed off the very first gameplay footage from Bad Piggies today. If you were just expecting Angry Birds with the pigs and birds switching roles, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Angry Birds Sequel Bad Piggies Arriving September 27th

Rovio is trying to get a little more experimental with their next game. Instead of simply churning out another Angry Birds, they've decided to make a game called Bad Piggies that lets you play as the villainous green pigs.

Angry Birds, Philadelphia Eagles Join Forces For Exclusive Game

Rovio has figured out a way to tie their mega-hit Angry Birds to the upcoming NFL season. They're going to create a Philadelphia Eagles-themed version of their physics-based puzzle game.

Angry Birds Creator Buys Out Futuremark Games Studio

In a news twist that no one seen coming, the creators of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, have announced that they have bought out Futuremark Games Studio, the makers of the 3D Mark benchmarking suite and the recent Unstoppable Gorg game.

Angry Birds Space Downloaded 10 Million Times

It looks like gamers are still hungry for more Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space, the latest installment in the hit puzzle series, racked up ten million downloads in a matter of days.

Industry Blend: Companies Supported Piracy When It Was Shareware

A lot of new-school gamers probably read the headline and go..."Huh, shareware? What's that?" us old-school gamers know the phrase all too well. Actually, many big companies and surviving studios from the golden age of gaming also know it well, but today they call it piracy.

Angry Birds Boss Says Piracy Can Create Fans And Fans Fuel Business

Rovio, the company behind the hugely successful Angry Birds, which became a runaway success on mobile phones and computers, is ran by guys who have real heads on their shoulders and they don't completely see the world of interactive entertainment through dollar-sign glasses, especially when it comes to piracy.

Angry Birds Downloaded 6.5 Million Times On Christmas

When someone gets a smartphone, it seems that Angry Birds is one of the first things they download. Developer Rovio says that Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio racked up 6.5 million downloads on Christmas Day.

Angry Birds Flying Into Retail, Apparently Not Afraid Of Piracy

Apparently Rovio and Focus Multimedia have no qualms whatsoever about PC piracy affecting retail sales because that's exactly where they're headed with the Angry Birds retail outlets.

Google+ Games Service Features Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz

Today Google confirmed the rumored games service for Google+ today. Starting today you can play a number of high-profile games through the budding social network.

Angry Birds Coming To Facebook

Following the runaway success of their puzzle game Angry Birds, developer Rovio is looking to bring the title to new platforms. One such port will be coming to Facebook sometime this year.

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