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Rovio's absurdly successful puzzle series Angry Birds may be traveling to a galaxy far away. A new image released by the company is suggesting a Star Wars cross-over project.

The image shows a rotund figure clad in brown Jedi robes. He's holding a blue lightsaber. If you're not aware, this makes him a good guy.

A newly created Angry Birds Tumblr says that you should head to Times Square on New York City on October 8th at 10am EST. They then suggest you go to Toys R Us at 8 am EST. I'm not sure what the hell we're supposed to do for those two hours but no matter. The point is, Rovio is suggesting that they're making a toy.

My first guess is that they're going to release a bunch of Star Wars Angry Birds plush toys. The birds can be Rebels or Jedi, while the pigs can be the Empire or Sith. Because really, who doesn't want to own a green pig version of Darth Vader?

It's entirely possible that this collaboration is a video game, though. Rovio might just make another Angry Birds - or an add-on to Angry Birds Space - with some Star Wars-themed visuals. Yes, that's the level of merch-whoring I expect from both franchises at this point.

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