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Rust Is Finally Leaving Early Access

Rust, everyone's favorite game about naked people trying to survive in the wilderness, is finally ready to leave early access, with an official launch coming in just a couple short weeks.

Rust Has Refunded An Insane Amount Of Money On Steam

With Valve implementing the Steam refund option after being sued by the ACCC and forced to give gamers the ability to return a digital title, some games have been refunded a heck of a lot more than others. A perfect example is Facepunch Studios' Rust.

Rust's Developer Is Officially Tired Of The Complaints

Facepunch Studios has had to deal with a lot of criticisms over time due to the spotty development of Rust. Well, now the developer is officially tired of the complaints.

All Of The New Features Added To Rust In The Newest Update

The folks at Facepunch Studios have released yet another big patch for Early Access survival game, Rust, that introduces a whole new way to gain experience while trying to last more than five minutes in the wilderness.

Rust Developer Responds To Negative Reactions For Gender Randomizer

In a previous CinemaBlend article, we reported on the controversial process of Rust choosing your character’s gender for you. The process itself is randomized, and it’s permanent, so whatever gender you end up with, be that male or female, you’re stuck with. Now designer Garry Newman is stepping out to respond.

Rust Assigns A Gender To You That Can't Be Changed

While many developers are searching for new and creative ways to give players customization options, PC survival game Rust is actually taking some of that control out of your hand, automatically assigning a gender that you won’t be able to alter.

Rust Patch Adds Playable Guitars

One thing you probably didn't expect you would ever see in the open-world survival game Rust is the ability to play guitars. However, lead designer Garry Newman just announced that you can now strum an instrument while you attempt to survive.

Rust Studio Announces New Game, Angers Fans In The Process

Rust developer Facepunch Studios announced this weekend that they're making an arcade-shooter called Riftlight. This announcement was not well-received by many gamers.

PS4 May Get Early Access Games Like DayZ Or Rust

Unlike PC gamers, console owners can't buy games while they're still in alpha or beta. That may change on the PS4 in the future, though.

Rust Will Turn Into Garry's Mod With User Generated Content

Newman decided that in order to make his dream project come true, he needed a new engine; a bigger engine that could handle his growing dreams that became too large to fit within the confines of the Source Engine. Hence, Rust.

Rust Beta Possible On PS4; Xbox One Port In The Works

At first, things seemed like they might go the way of DayZ with the console versions being a long ways off from release, but Sony's head of developer relations seems to really want the DayZ meets Minecraft clone on the PS4 as soon as possible.

Rust Sells 1 Million Copies

One part of the trio of indie juggernauts has finally joined its brothers and crossed the million-plus barrier. Joining its indie compatriots Starbound and DayZ, Garry Newman's Rust has sold more than a million digital copies.

Rust Patch Removes Zombies, Adds Locked Backpacks

Rust haters can no longer call it a DayZ clone. Facepunch Studios has decided to remove zombies from the survival game's world.

Rust Cheat Fixes Coming Soon

The alpha version of survival game Rust has more than its fair share of cheaters. Designer Garry Newman says that stopping these cheats are a "huge priority" for the development team at Facepunch Studios.

Rust Newbie Guide: Cook Your Chicken

Rust drops you in a field with a torch, a stone and some bandages. There's no tutorial or objective marker to follow. So, what the hell do you do?

DayZ Standalone Vs Rust: Which Game Should You Play?

Two of the best-selling games on Steam right now are Rust and the standalone version of DayZ. Both games are multiplayer survival simulators, with players scavenging for supplies to stay alive while fighting off A.I. and human enemies. DayZ and Rust offer very different experiences, though.

Rust Sells 150,000 Copies In Two Weeks

The multiplayer survival game Rust is off to a strong launch. Since being released through Steam Early Access two weeks ago, over 150,000 copies have been sold worldwide.

Garry Newman From Gmod Releases Rust, A DayZ Meets Minecraft Game

Warning: The following game is an alpha release and is subject to user rage, griefing, ego-rape and loss of progress due to bugs, glitches, errors and incomplete game code. With that disclaimer out of the way, I invite you to explore Garry Newman's (of Gmod fame) latest creation, Rust.

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