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Matchmaking In CS: GO Now Takes Your Behavior In Other Steam Games Into Account

One of the biggest complaints about any competitive multiplayer game is the matchmaking. Developers pore over all sorts of details in order to make matchmaking algorithms beneficial for players. Well, Valve is stepping outside the box and making matchmaking variables based no your behavior in other games.

World Of Final Fantasy Is Coming To PC

Square Enix is bringing World of Final Fantasy to PC via Steam. Gamers will be able to play the former portable title made whole via a release on one of the most popular gaming platforms today. The news was accompanied by a firm release date and a trailer showcasing how the game will look runing on PC.

Steam Curators Is Getting An Update

Gamers have been asking for a better curation system on Steam for years now and, this fall; it looks like some important steps are being taken to provide exactly that.

Indie “Developer” Leaves Industry Following Removal From Steam

An indie developer has decided to leave the game development industry after Valve decided to pull all of the company's games from the Steam storefront. The studio felt as if there was no way to further make it in the game design business, so after more than 200 of the titles were axed from Steam, the developer decided to leave the industry for good.

How Steam Will Deal With Review Bombing

Valve has had to deal with an uncommon occurrence over the last several years in the form of review bombing, where users bomb a game with negative reviews for any number of reasons. Well, Valve now has a way to deal with review bombing.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Just Broke A Massive Steam Record

It's no shock that the biggest selling single-platform game of the year continues to break records and set trends. Gamers are all in on Bluehole Studios' PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds right now, and after setting the summer ablaze with a record breaking sales and player-count performance, the game hasn't slowed down one bit and has just broke another massive Steam record.

You Can't Access The Steam Store In Malaysia Right Now

Reports are going around about Malaysian gamers having difficulty accessing the Steam store page through a standard web browser at the moment. The reason for this is beyond anything that you would expect, and is reminiscent to the sort of public blowback the gaming industry used to receive during the moral panics of the 1990s.

Why Bethesda Made Brink Free To Play

If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, Bethesda recently made Splash Damage's 2011 outing, Brink, free-to-play over on Steam. You don't have to pay a dime for the game. It really came out of nowhere. However, there's a reason as to why the game went free-to-play, and Bethesda recently spoke about how it came to that decision.

PUBG Just Hit A Major Steam Milestone

Bluehole StudioPlayerunknown's Battlegrounds has just been rip-roaring through the gaming market, racking up crazy huge sales and managing to attract tons of players to its virtual battlefield. In fact, the game has been breaking records consistently since its release, and it even managed to do so just recently, passing yet another major Steam milestone.

Secret Of Mana Is Getting Remade And It Looks Beautiful

Square Enix announced that an official remake of Secret of Mana is underway, and the classic 1993 16-bit JRPG for the SNES is being remade for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and on Steam for PC. The game is scheduled to release in the early first quarter of 2018, and for the first time ever gamers can play it in full 3D.

Quake Champions Is Now In Early Access

Bethesda has been on a roll lately with getting people interested in first-person shooters. Doom rocked the marketplace last year with glowing reviews and respectably high sales. There's Wolfenstein 2 on the horizon this fall. Brink just went free-to-play, and now Quake Champions is available in Early Access on Steam.

Overlooked FPS Brink Is Now Free To Play

Splash Damage's Brink is one of those games that will go down in history as an epic failure. It has nothing to do with the actual quality of the game, but everything to do with timing and a clearly over-saturated market. Well, Bethesda is giving gamers another chance to check out the overlooked Brink by making it free-to-play on Steam.

Classic Tabletop Game Ogre Is Coming To Steam

An old-school tabletop game from the yesteryears of gaming is making its return, only this time it's doing so in the form of an interactive entertainment title on PC. That's right, Ogre is making a return to form as a turn-based strategy game on Steam this October.

Steam Has A New Game Available To Play For Free This Weekend

If you're looking for something to play over the weekend, Steam has a little something you might want to take a gander at. They're making a game free-to-play for the next couple of days, with a discounted price available if you eventually decide to take the plunge.

A Classic FPS Just Received Its First Update In Four Years

Usually updates for games cease after two years. That's about the breaking point for most titles unless it's an uber-popular Call of Duty game like Black Ops 3, or an ongoing FPS title that centers around online content. However, in the case of one classic game, it has been updated for the first time in four years, and after being on the market for nearly 20 years.

Steam Just Banned A Massive Number Of Accounts

Valve has banned tens of thousands of accounts following the conclusion of the Steam Summer Sale. How many accounts? Well, according to certain database services there are almost more accounts banned than what most indie games sell in a week.

Rust Has Refunded An Insane Amount Of Money On Steam

With Valve implementing the Steam refund option after being sued by the ACCC and forced to give gamers the ability to return a digital title, some games have been refunded a heck of a lot more than others. A perfect example is Facepunch Studios' Rust.

Here's When The Steam Summer Sale Will Begin

In the mood for a summer splurge? Good, because Steam is gearing up for its annual Summer Sale and, according to a kinda bizarre source, we won't have to wait much longer to get the goods.

Killer Instinct Is Coming To Steam

Microsoft may have put Killer Instinct on PC through Windows 10, but the community for the game is rather small. Well, to help boost the overall player-base and give gamers on PC more options in how they play Killer Instinct, Microsoft decided to bring a port to Steam.

Payday 2 Is Free On Steam, For The Moment

Need to have a bit of fun and get away for the weekend from the stresses of everyday life and the overbearing notions of adulthood? Well, why not try robbing a bank? If that sounds like a relaxing good time to you, then you're probably going to enjoy the free giveaway for Payday 2.

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