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Who The Real Winner Was At The 2018 Game Awards

One of the biggest winners at the 2018 rendition of The Game Awards never gave an acceptance speech or received a trophy.

Epic Games Is Launching A Steam Competitor

Epic Games has been rocking and rolling in recent times, especially after the massive success of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode went viral. The global sensation has enabled Epic Games to accrue enough funds to start its own distribution service, which is aiming to rival Steam.

Valve Just Gave Somebody $20,000 For Finding A Security Hole

Finding major exploits in Steam might actually be a pretty lucrative business, as Valve recently paid a guy $20,000 for finding a bug that could have let hackers create thousands of keys for hosted games.

Why Fallout 76 Won't Be On Steam

Some of the AAA titles coming out in recent times have forgone the inclusion of the Steam client. In fact, more and more games are completely bypassing Steam altogether. But why? Well, it turns out that not every major publisher needs to rely on Steam to connect with consumers, and apparently Fallout 76 is one of those games.

Steam Begins To Define 'Straight-Up Trolling' By Banning Over 170 Games

Steam's new guidelines when it comes to what they will and will not make available on their storefront are a bit vague but, thanks to the recent removal of nearly 200 games, we're starting to get a clearer picture.

For Honor Is Currently Free On PC

Ubisoft if looking to beef up the For Honor army before rolling out its next major expansion, so strike while you can.

Chrono Trigger On PC Receives Final Update

Square Enix re-releasing Chrono Trigger as a native release on PC should have been a move creating a cause for celebration among JRPG enthusiasts and long-time fans of the classic title from the 1990s... but things didn't exactly work out as everyone hoped.

Steam Game Pulled For Allegedly Mining Cryptocurrency

While there is big money to be made in the cryptocurrency fad, there are also some people willing to cut some extreme corners in order to make some fast cash.

Steam Dropped Its Biggest Ban Hammer Ever Last Week

Over on the PC side Valve is clamping down on hackers and cheaters by enacting massive ban waves on users. The most recent ban wave targeted thousands of gamers over the course of a single week, making it one of the largest bans in history.

Steam May Be About To Get Some Serious Competition

One company is hoping to give Valve a run for their money by opening up a once regional digital distribution outlet to the global audience. This could end up giving Steam some serious competition in the near future if things begin to take off.

Steam Accidentally Reveals Detailed Player Counts Before Plugging The Leak

For Steam, outside of Steam Spy and the Steam Charts, there is no way to know what people buy or how engaged they are with the product... until now. A recent leak in Steam's data revealed the detailed player counts before Valve stepped in and plugged the leak.

Valve Is Working To Replace Steam Spy

If a lack of Steam Spy has been making it harder for you to win arguments in forums in regards to how well a game is doing, Valve has some good news for you. While the third party data-gathering service is no longer available, Valve recently confirmed that they are working on an alternative internally, and they're saying it's going to be even more accurate than its predecessor. Of course, the real winners here are the developers, who will have more reliable statistics to base their decisions off of.

Steam's Summer Sale Is Now On

The temperature is rising, so it's nice of the folks at Valve to roll out their annual Summer Sale to give gamers the world over plenty of reasons to stay inside, draw the curtains to block out that infernal day star and play lots and lots of deeply discounted games.

Steam Will Limit Achievements To Battle Fake Games

After a number of complaints and plenty of push back from the community, Valve decided to finally limit the Steam achievements in order to battle the fake games.

Valve Takes Controversial Games Off Steam

Valve has decided to finally take action and remove some of the games from the platform that fall under the "trolling" category in order to win back some PR brownie points.

Valve Has Decided To Open The Floodgates Of The Steam Store

Valve's Steam platform has been under fire for years now in regards to the quality and content of the games that make it onto its digital storefront. Now, Steam has an official policy on the subject.

Steam Is Reevaluating Some  Adult Visual Novels, But Won't Pull The Titles, Yet

Valve is re-reviewing some of the older visual novels, clickers, puzzle games, and dating sim titles that contain ecchi or sexually suggestive content in them. Originally Valve sent out letters to developers claiming that they had two weeks to censor their games or risk having them removed from Steam.

Valve Will Pay You To Hack Steam

In a bizarre twist of fate, Valve is actually paying people to hack Steam.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Now Has Steam Support

It has taken a year, but it sounds like the folks at Steam have finally unlocked the mysteries of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

All The Star Wars Game Deals Available On May The Fourth

In case you haven't noticed all of the "May the Fourth" comments and memes whizzing through the internet heading into the weekend, it's officially Star Wars Day. As such, pretty much all digital games marketplaces are celebrating with discounts on all things tied to The Force.

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