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Dave Grohl Called A Foo Fighters Horror Movie A ‘Stupid Idea,’ So What Changed His Mind?

Foo Fighters are synonymous with modern rock and roll, but their latest creative endeavor is new territory for the band. They’re collectively starring as themselves in the new film Studio 666, which is an absurd horror-comedy that’s just as fun as it is mindlessly gory. You may be surprised that they would take on such a project, but so is frontman Dave Grohl, who initially thought that the whole thing was a “fucking stupid idea.”

So what changed his mind? Well, Grohl said that he rented a house in Encino, California to record the new Foo Fighters album, which just so happened to coincide with a certain film offer:

So he rents me the house. At the same time, this friend of mine texted me and says, ‘Hey, I just came out of a meeting, and there's these people that want to make a horror film with Foo fighters.’ And I said, ‘That’s such a fucking stupid idea. There's no way we would ever do something that ridiculous.’ I mean, there’s not much we won’t do, but that just makes no sense. Then I go over to this house to start demoing songs. I'm like, well, shit, we already have the house. We fucking might as well make the record here and then take a couple of weeks off and then just make some really quick, low-budget slasher film. It'll be fun. And then it fucking snowballed into a full-length feature film. Nobody aspired to or imagined that it would become what it became. But it just fucking took on a whole new life of its own.

Well, there you go. Everything just fell into place too perfectly to turn the offer down. Calling his own movie a “fucking stupid idea” isn’t out of character for Grohl, as the dude doesn’t even like his own iconic band name. Dave Grohl is an entertainment legend even outside of the music world. He’s played around on SNL, made headlines after singing with James Corden, and even played Satan opposite Jack Black. His own feature film just seemed like the natural next step in his career trajectory. 

However, Dave Grohl isn’t the only reason to watch the film. The band is hilarious as exaggerated versions of themselves, with just enough improvisation to keep it grounded. There was even one Foo Fighters member who refused to learn any lines for the film. If you’re a fan of the band, you’re sure to find it delightful. 

Studio 666 boasts an impressive ensemble aside from the legendary rockers. MacGruber's Will Forte, Whitney Cummings and the horror legend that is John Carpenter all stop by to join in on the fun. You can see Studio 666 in theaters now! As far as what else is coming to theaters in 2022, we have that information as well. 

Jeff McCobb
Jeff McCobb

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