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For starters, Bethesda is knocking this game out of the ballpark. Brink seems to be shaping up to be for 2010 what Gearbox’s Borderlands was for 2009…but possibly better. A series of awesome new gameplay videos have surfaced and you can check all of them out right here at Blend Games.

Brink’s game director, Paul Wedgewood, walks gamers through each of the following trailers, explaining how the game functions, what you can do and what new doors this sort of shooter will open up within the genre.

Hands down, Brink is freaking awesome. The game mixes in some of the first-person parkour found in the genre-bending action-adventure, Mirror’s Edge, as well as incorporating all the awesome RPG qualities from the likes of Elder Scrolls. It doesn’t stop there, though…this FPS (MMO?) also features top-notch shooting that you would find from any other triple-A FPS, complete with a cache of various weapon loadouts to suit just about any shooter fan’s desires.

What’s more is that Brink’s aesthetic is comprised of popular franchises like Mad Max, Terminator and The Matrix. You can check out the media blowout below [via GameTrailers] or visit the Official Website for more information.

Brink is due out fall of 2010 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.