Cade Yeager. CADE YEAGER! That’s the name on the "birth certificate" of Mark Wahlberg’s Transformers: Age of Extinction character – the latest in a long line of cardboard cutout action heroes with wooden monikers to match their big-screen demeanors.

Where do Hollywood screenwriters come up with the names for these larger-than-life figures? Do they use "Random Action Hero Name Generators" (like this one, or this one)? Unlikely, because I punched my own name in and got "Roger Onion." Not very intimidating, or memorable.

Thankfully, these 10 action hero names stand out from the crowd. They are the predecessors to Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager, the men and women who blazed a trail to marquee-busting hero madness. These are the 10 cheesiest action-hero names from summer movies past. Who did we leave off? Let us know in the comments section below.

Some of these blurbs -- particularly this first one -- contain minor plot spoilers. Be warned!

Ford Brody
Ford Brody, Godzilla
You don’t have to look beyond this weekend’s wide-screen release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, where Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays globe-trotting, monster-mashing super soldier FORD BRODY. How amazing is this dude? Well, he’s capable of participating in any mission the military needs, from paratrooping onto Godzilla’s back to rescuing an orphaned boy on an airport monorail. And when only one man can drive a boat containing a bomb that might attract MUTOs into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you damn well better know that Ford Brody’s going to be at the wheel.

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