A Golden Globe snub doesn’t break someone’s Oscar campaign, but it does disrupt the momentum of a campaign ever so slightly. So when the full list of Golden Globe nominations were announced on Thursday morning, these 10 Academy Awards hopefuls probably were on the phone with their agents, handlers and Oscar-campaign advisors asking what the next step will be, because a lack of Globes nomination indicates a slight step backward.

Some of these are jaw-droppingly surprising. Some of these are understandable. But they ALL are snubs from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and I think it’s safe to say that the people listed below are more than a little disappointed. They’re probably flat-out pissed.

Black Mass
Johnny Depp
Is this the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins his Oscar? That’s one narrative swirling around the race for Best Actor, and the name we often hear as someone who can give Leo a run for his money is Johnny Depp in Black Mass. Except, you have to be in it to win it… and even though the Globes have 10 slots to recognize male performances, Depp didn’t get any of them. (OK, he had no shot at Comedy or Musical, but you get the point.) Team Black Mass has to push harder for Oscar recognition, because Eddie Redmayne, Bryan Cranston and even Will Smith got a bump this morning, and Depp – unfairly – was left out in the cold.
Spotlight Cast
Spotlight is the year’s best film (in my humble opinion). The cast, from top to bottom, is uniformly excellent. It’s masterfully directed, and has an air-tight script. Well, the Globes recognized the film as a Best Picture, with the Best Director, and a Best Screenplay nod. But NONE of the actors received a nom. Not one. Even if the male performers cancelled each other out, Rachel McAdams needs to be in the Best Supporting Actress category. This is a supreme WTF?! In fact, we should have put it on this list.
Straight Outta Compton
Universal had a surprise hit with the gangster-rap biopic Straight Outta Compton, and several Oscar prognosticators have been saying that the film – as well as some of its performers – could work their way into the Oscar conversation. Earlier this week, SAG recognized the film in its Outstanding Performance By A Cast category, giving Universal hope! But then the Globes dashed the dreams of them en who played N.W.A. this morning. Oscar can still respond, but the fact that it didn’t get any Globes nominations is a bit of a hit.
Jason Segel
The End of the Tour
This sounds like the end of the road for the awards chances of James Ponsoldt’s loose biopic of novelist David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel). Early buzz for the film had some believing in the chances of the film, as well as Segel, for cleaning up a few key awards categories. So far, though, the Independent Spirit Awards are the only ones to throw some love to Tour, and this morning, the Globes completely overlooked it.
Yet another one-time Oscar hopeful took a serious hit when it was overlooked by the Globes on Thursday morning. Denis Villeneuve’s hard-hitting look at the futile war on drugs received fantastic reviews, and likely was hoping to contend in a few year-end categories. Picture and Director would have been nice, but Benicio Del Toro looked like the movie’s best shot for his scene-stealing role as a mysterious law-enforcement agent. As the season wears on, it’s sounding more and more like Sicario’s best chance at Oscar success is in the Cinematography category… if the legendary Roger Deakins can get that damn monkey off his back.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic wasn’t completely shut out by the Golden Globes, picking up nominations for Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Supporting Actress (Kate Winslet) and Actor – Drama (Michael Fassbender). But it’s the categories it missed that stand out. No Picture and no Director might hurt the film’s chances, overall. Or, this could just be a blip for the calculated drama that still could appeal to Academy members.
By The Sea
By The Sea
Pitting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together in a moody prestige picture was supposed to guarantee awards recognition. Sadly, Jolie’s third directorial effort is struggling to make any waves. Reviews have been tepid. The box office is nonexistent. And the Globes failed to recognize its existence. We expect the Academy to follow suit when the Oscar nominations are announced early next year.
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Mad Max: Fury Road may have picked up a few nominations, but lead actress Charlize Theron wasn’t able to crack the top 5 in what looks to be a solid field of actresses contending for various awards throughout the season. The HFPA fell hard for Carol (rightfully so), giving two of their five nominations to that movie’s leads. Seeing as how Brie Larson, Saoirse Ronan and Alicia Vikander deserve recognition for their performances, Theron might have a very hard time riding the wave of momentum Max might generate. Sorry, Furiosa.
The Walk
The Walk
Was Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk every really an Oscar contender? Some of us thought so, primarily because the actual tightrope-walking sequence between the Twin Towers is breathtaking. But yeah, the rest of the film falls a little flat, and critics groups aren’t really helping the film’s cause. Today’s whiff with the Globes likely puts the final nail in the Walk Oscar campaign coffin, which is sad, but real.
Star Wars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Likely, Disney and Lucasfilm neglected to show a cut of Star Wars to the HFPA for Golden Globes consideration. And maybe, even if they did, the movie wouldn’t necessarily qualify for year-end awards. It’s probably just a rewarding popcorn blockbuster, and not an awards contender. However, the Globes did recognize Spy, proving once again that when it comes to the HFPA, their choices are anyone’s guess.
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