It’s been a tradition over the life of the Mission: Impossible franchise to have a new helmer in the cockpit every time a new sequel is about to leave the tarmac. This has led to each film in the series taking on its own artistic direction, while keeping the basic rudiments required to make a Mission: Impossible film. So as Tom Cruise is sparking up talk of Mission: Impossible 6 being in development, he’s going to need a new director to help shepherd this new film into being.

But who should be the next creative genius in the director’s chair? Who would Mission: Impossible 6 benefit from the most if they were recruited? We’d like to think that the following list of 10 competitors would make an excellent short list for Cruise, Skydance Productions, and Paramount Pictures to consider. It’s time to light the fuse, and run down the 10 people we think Mission: Impossible should tap for a very important mission.

10. Christopher McQuarrie
Pro: Christopher McQuarrie obviously already has experience directing a Mission: Impossible movie, and with his plate pretty clear in terms of what his next project will be, it’s as good a time as any to ask him back. Considering the quick turnaround Tom Cruise wants Mission: Impossible 6 to have, bringing on McQuarrie would help accelerate the process. The two men are sympatico, as McQuarrie has written several films for Cruise and directed the two of the last three titles in Cruise’s filmography. Another McQuarrie/Cruise collaboration could push the quality of the series into the stratosphere.

Con: In order for Mission: Impossible 6 to be ready within the next two years, there’s going to be a need for some quick scripting and even quicker pre-production / shooting. If Christopher McQuarrie came back to direct the next film, it can be assumed that he’d want to write it as well. This would be a bit of a tight space to work his way out of, as one duty could interfere with the other on such a tight schedule. Also, part of the charm and longevity to the Mission: Impossible franchise is the fact that each film has a fresh take on Ethan Hunt’s adventures, and having McQuarrie come back would ruin that.

Most Qualifying Film: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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