The archetype of the "crazy, mad scientist" has thrived for decades, and nowhere has it been better displayed than through the world of animation. Out of the annals of history, 15 figures have emerged as the best mad geniuses we’ve ever seen. But only a select few have the skill and the true moral apathy to truly be named crazy.

Inspired by this weekend's Ratchet & Clank movie, we got to thinking about our favorite loony scientists, in animated form. Behold this crop of mad geniuses, ranked in order of their level of craziness.

The Brain (Pinky and The Brain)
While The Brain, he of Pinky and The Brain fame, is a mad scientist, he really isn’t that crazy. As a matter of fact, he’s probably the most sane out of the entire lot. Sure, his schemes may be rather complicated, but with plots that range from faking an alien invasion a la War of the Worlds to becoming a hypnotically successful Country music phenomenon, The Brain is not as crazy as some of the other people on this list. In fact, if this were a "smartest mad scientists" list, he’d probably be at the top. But alas, his crazy just isn’t that strong, with his most insane accomplishment being the enlistment of Pinky as his assistant.

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