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Drug PSA’s were all the rage on television back in the ’80’s, so it’s fitting that the cast of the 21 Jump Street would spoof one, likely as a promotion for the Phil Lord and Chris Miller directed comedy, which is set to hit theaters this weekend. Of course, this video doesn’t warn against actual drugs, but rather the dangers of pretend drugs, which pretend kill.

The comedic take on the popular ’80’s TV series will have Channing Tatum and “famous person” Jonah Hill playing undercover cops as they investigate a high school drug ring. Apparently this involves a fictional drug called HFS, which has prompted Tatum, Hill, and Rob Riggle to team with Funny or Die on this video, warning people of the dangers of fictional drugs.

Real drugs may not be a laughing matter, but pretend drugs are apparently another story. All the same, best to stay away from good old fashioned Jamie Lee Curtis, and of course, shooting up air freshener (or “Glading”).

Back in the day, the original 21 Jump Street was known to air a PSA or two. Here’s one the show did about drugs...

21 Jump Street arrives in theaters on March 16. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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