Turtles First Season
Season One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon
First Appearance: 1987

Only a meager five (!) episodes long, season one of the first TMNT television series had everything you loved about the "new," more family-friendly version of the boys in green. This was the season that made the world take notice of the turtles, and it introduced new, fan-favorite characters such as Krang, and Bebop and Rocksteady, who were never even in the comic book series. In this very short season, we also learned the origin of the turtles, got an altered, less violent backstory for The Shredder, and were also introduced to Dimension X and the monstrosity that came to be known as the Technodrome.

But the main reason why season one was the best is because you got all killer and no filler. A lot of the later seasons featured episodes and characters that were purely created to market new action figures and playsets. The roster grew bigger and bigger, but it also lost some of its charm in the process. By the time Michaelangelo traded in his famous nunchuckus for a grappling hook -- it really happened -- most fans had already grown tired of the show and had abandoned it, thinking it was too kiddie to watch any longer. But that first season, man, it had everything. Again, it was all killer, and no filler. Well, except for the Neutrinos. They kind of sucked.

Highlight: Krang asking Shredder for a body. A booooody.

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