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5 Movie Characters Way Too Lame To Be For Halloween

It's impossible to have a truly original Halloween costume. Inevitably someone else is going to show up at the Halloween party dressed as Trig Palin, or E.T., or ALF, or whatever other random pop culture figure you thought you were the only one to think of. But not all unoriginal costumes are created equal. There are some that are so bad, so tasteless, or so stupid, they have to be cut off at the pass. Below we have five of the worst movie-related Halloween costumes for this year, the ones that will not get you laid at the end of the night, and may not get you invited back to the party next year. And if you're trying to collect candy in any of these get-ups, God help you.

5. Any of the Sex and the City characters (male only).

Calling Carrie and co. men, or whores, or old ladies, or whatever, was tired five years ago and even more tired when it got trotted back out for the movie's release. I'm all for men going in drag for Halloween, but leave the ladies who lunch out of this.

If you absolutely must: Wear designer clothing, at least. They deserve that much respect.

4. Mark Wahlberg.

Andy Samberg beat you to it, sadly, since he also realized what an easy impression it is. Plus, what would you really say except "Hey chicken. Want to do a movie together? Say hi to your mother for me."

If you absolutely must: Bring a donkey, chicken, goat or dog with you. That actually might be able to make the whole thing work. Either that or have a friend dress as a a plant, and spend the night running away from that person.

3. Speed Racer.

Last year it would have been a cute throwback to a character you may have loved as a kid. Now it looks like you're the one Wachowski fanboy who actually thinks the movie was good.

If you absolutely must: Do it in neon, to better approximate the eye-burning experience that the movie was.

2. Kirk Lazarus.

Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant. You will just be the douchebag in blackface. Don't go there.

If you absolutely must: Track down a group of McCain-Palin supporters, who might be clueless/racist enough to think it's funny.

1. The Joker.

Everyone will be doing it, and none of you will come close to being as creepy as Heath Ledger was. Think of how lame you'll feel when you run into someone else who has done a better job of perfecting the greenish, stringy hair and tattered clothes.

If you absolutely must: Go as Nurse Joker, or even Jack Nicholson's Joker. Anything to set you apart.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend