We’ve heard all kinds of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rumors over the last year, from stories about Robin to a possible cameo from Aquaman, but the latest talk is all about Bruce Wayne’s mansion.

New reports have been circulating saying that production on Batman v Superman is getting ready to shoot scenes in what could wind up being Wayne Manor. This story, however, comes with a twist. The house that is said to be in use is a rather decrepit old brick building with boarded windows and an unkempt lawn. Obviously this isn’t a typical description of the stately manor from DC Comics, but it could tell us something interesting about what Zack Snyder and his crew are doing with their incarnation of Dark Knight.

If that run-down old mansion is actually Wayne Manor, what does that potentially say about the plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? We have a few ideas…

Batman Wayne Manor
Bruce Wayne Is Broke
Money has long been a huge part of Bruce Wayne hiding his secret identity, as nobody would imagine that the billionaire playboy gallivanting around Gotham could possibly be the Caped Crusader, but what if that was taken away from the hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sure, we kind of got a taste of this in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but what if Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has no choice but to let all of his money flow into his vigilante activities, allowing Wayne Manor to go to hell? Maybe Wayne Enterprises has gone under because the man with his name on the building has been too distracted fighting crime.

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