We just got word that we’re getting a new installment in saga of everyone’s all-time favorite archaeology professor, Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones 5 will see Harrison Ford reprise one of his greatest roles, Steven Spielberg will be back in the big chair directing the whole shebang, and super producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy will produce for Lucasfilm.

Obviously, a lot of the key pieces from the franchise are coming back for Indiana Jones 5, and that’s great, there are many characters we can’t wait to see again (we’re holding out hope for more Short Round). There are, however, some things that we’re not so keen to see make a return. Chief among these are some of the supporting players that have appeared in the Indiana Jones franchise, and here are a list of characters we absolutely do not want to see on screen again. Some will be easier than others.

Willie Scott
We get it, Kate Capshaw is married to Steven Spielberg and there must be some perks to being the spouse of perhaps the most beloved director currently working in Hollywood. Still, that’s no excuse for cabaret singer Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Willie is routinely listed among the most annoying characters in movie history (seriously, Google "annoying movie characters" and damn near every list or countdown features Willie). Especially now that Indy is married to Marion Ravenwood, there’s no reason for Willie to come back, and we’re very glad that isn’t going to happen.

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