70 Minutes Missing From Hulk, Including Captain America?

We told you a few days ago here that Incredible Hulk director was running around promising a Captain America cameo in his smashing new movie. Well I saw his Hulk Monday night, and if Captain America is in there anywhere, then I sure as hell didn’t see it. I can’t even think of any place where it would have been logical to fit him in… and yes I stayed until well after the credits. There was nothing.

Was Louis Letterier yanking our chains? It doesn’t seem so, because the boys over at Collider spoke to him today, and he’s still insisting that the Captain America cameo is in there. That either means it’s so well hidden that it’ll be difficult for most people to spot it, or they’re doing what Marvel did with Favreau’s Iron Man, and leaving the Cap cameo out of the copies of the film being shown to preview audiences.

Captain America isn’t the only thing being left out of the movie by the way. In that same conversation with Collider Letterier reveals there’s a full 70 minutes of additional footage which will end up exclusively on the DVD. That’s almost enough footage for a second movie! It actually makes a certain kind of sense too, since there are times when The Incredible Hulk feels a little disjointed and that final, 26-minute fight scene Letterier has been promising is actually only about 5 minutes. Maybe all of the things he’s promised that aren’t actually in the movie will finally make a showing in that 70 minutes on the DVD.

UPDATE! We've now confirmed that Captain America's cameo has been cut from The Incredible Hulk. Get the full story here.

Josh Tyler