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7500 First Look Photo Has Ryan Kwanten Looking Scared

Flying can be an unnerving experience for many, even in the best of conditions. In fact, a scary incident involving a plane made the news just this week. Fortunately, that situation was quite literally a false alarm and despite what sounds like a truly terrifying experience for those passengers, no one was hurt.

We've seen movies use planes as the setting for scary scenarios before. Snakes on a Plane is a relatively recent example of horror on a plane (and a demonstration of the kind of mess a bunch of worked-up snakes can make to the interior of an aircraft). Later this year, 7500 will deliver it's own kind of horrific plane scenario.

Directed by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge), 7500 stars Australian actor Ryan Kwanten and follows a flight over the Pacific Ocean aboard a plane that may be haunted by a “supernatural force.” As Kwanten describes it to Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a haunted house movie on an airplane.”

EW also shared this first look photo, which has the actor looking a mix of confused and scared (not entirely an unfamiliar expression to those of us who know him as Jason Stackhouse in the HBO vampire series True Blood).

Also shown in the above photo are co-stars Amy Smart, Jerry Ferrara, Nicky Whelan, and Scout Taylor Compton. According to what Kwanten says in EW’s article, his character and Smart’s are together, but their marriage is “on the rocks” and they’re only taking the trip together because it was already paid for. Perhaps a bit of horror on a plane will be just what the two characters need to reconcile...?

Given Shimizu’s involvement, I’m going to guess that this film, which is due to hit theaters on August 31st, leans toward something much darker than the campy 2006 film Snakes on a Plane, which also involved bad things happening thousands of feet above the Pacific Ocean.