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Adam Sandler Comedy Trying To Be The Hangover Of 2010

Holy crap guys, Seth Rogen's Green Hornet movie is coming out next summer. Am I the only one who is surprised by this? I always assumed Seth Rogen could only become a superhero in some theoretical future, that same theoretical future in which Michel Gondry gets to direct a giant summer blockbuster. But turns out, the future is now, or at least next summer. This is not news, just a friendly reminder.

The shock to me comes courtesy of Variety, which reports that Sony has pushed back the release of Green Hornet by two weeks to July 9, in order to make room for the dude comedy Grown Ups, starring Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and presumably anyone else who was moderately funny in the 90s. Variety points out that the move is pretty much definitely due to the success of The Hangover, which proved that dudes do go to comedies in the summer, and not just movies where robots blow each other up.

Grown Ups was originally set to be released March 12, which is more like I Love You Man territory, but Sony rightly recognized that the combined starpower of all those guys can probably draw a giant crowd in the summer, particularly if the movie is actually any good. Now there are plenty of reasons to have doubts about that-- every one of these guys has led us astray in the past-- but after what I hope will be Funny People's success we might be willing to give Adam Sandler some leeway. Will Grown Ups be The Hangover of 2010? And if so will Seth Rogen, over there in his bowler hat, be totally jealous?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend